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RR AND RER Reception class.

Welcome to the Reception class page were you will find lots of information about all the learning that happens in the Reception class during the Spring Term.

What an amazing Autumn term we had with lots of new and exciting learning. The Children performed the Christmas songs like true professionals. All the Reception staff were very proud of all the children learning to use some sign language.

This half term the main focus is Understanding of the World and Technology.

This Involves helping children to begin to understand about similarities and differences between themselves and others, including places, objects, materials and living things in their families, communities and traditions.

They will make observations of the outdoor learning and explain why some things occur and talk about changes.

In Technology they will begin to understand and recognise a range of technology and how it is used at home and in School. They will begin to select technology for particular purposes.


The Topic this term is Winter.

During the topic we will be thinking about cold habitats, changing seasons, cold weather and monitoring and observing changes. Hopefully we will get some real snow.

A lot of the continuous provision areas both indoors and outdoors will be enhanced with Winter themed activities.

The children will be drawing, writing and painting pictures of Winter and using ICT to record and describe Winter and it’s features.

The children will be reading and sharing lots of books on Winter and cold weather places. They will be learning rhymes and poems around the Winter theme.

Communication and Language.

Communication and Language will be books linked to the Winter theme. The children will listen to a range of stories and begin to accurately anticipate key events and characters in the stories and respond appropriately and be attentive in the activity.



In Maths the children will be reciting numbers to 20, then 100. Counting back from at least 10 to zero. Ordering numerals to at least 10. Count up to 20 objects.

We will be learning days of the week and the Seasons.

Pattern – Continue a repeating pattern with three colours/shapes/objects. Symmetrical patterns.

Counting on– Find one more and two more than any number to 10. One more than numbers to 20.

Begin to record the number in a set. To 5, then 10.


In Phonics the children will be learning the Phase 3 Phonics sounds and the phase two/three key words. These will be sent as homework for the children to practise at home.


Outdoor learning

The children have access to the outdoor area where we develop children’s creative ideas through different role play areas enhanced with quality play equipment.

The outdoor learning gives children the platform to learn and explore through all the areas of the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum.


Home learning

The children will receive homework on Friday and this should be returned by Monday. We provide a Math’s homework on Google classroom each week linked to the weeks learning.

 Reading books

In RER the children have Guided Reading on Monday and Thursday( due to a job share).

In RR the books are changed each Tuesday. The children have a Guided reading session with the class Teacher.

Books for Enjoyment.

The books are changed on Monday and should be returned on Friday. These books are for you to read with your child and not for the children to read.

We will be continuing to engage children and their parents with the Shine project. We have some new and exciting Maths stories to share.



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