Diary entry 1

Dear Diary,                                                                      13th september 1939


Today has been the worst day of my life. Neville Chamberlain has just declared world war 2 across the world moreover my mother has just told me i will have to be evacuated to the countryside. I’m so sad  I will be leaving my mother. At least it’s for the best, London has become so toxic and dangerous for me to stay there. My mother sent me on this train thingi was so scared at first but when I got or I was terrified. 


I was standing at my new carer’s massive door. Petrified, I nearly peed my pants(whilst waiting  for him or her to answer the door.) Suddenly, I saw the door open. I started to panic until I saw the old, kind man standing there. He offered me to come in. I slowly started to walk into the fantastic, amazing house. I was so petrified my hair was sticking up.


He showed me to this majestic bedroom. I was confused at first until Mr Tom who was my carer  told me this was my new room. I was so happy, and excited. Suddenly, I started to remember  that my mother is probably going through hell but still I’m so excited about Mr Tom he seems so kind and helpful.


Me and Mr Tom went down stairs and sat next to the fire. I loved the boiling hot fire it’s so warm and it made me feel so calm until Mr Tom pulled out a razor sharp stick thing. I was  so worried that he would hit me with it. I started to have dashavoo that my mother was hitting me. Suddenly I got so terrified and fainted. When I woke  up i realised he didn’t hit me with it . i was surprised. 


I started to trust Mr Tom and loved him he cared for me lots he is just like a father figure to me.I still worry about my mother though who wouldn’t.  Lily-Ann 6T

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