Diary entry of Willie the evacuee


Dear Diary,

I can’t believe that I have left London, mother said it would be best if I went somewhere safe. It’s  not that boring to be honest. Mister Tom, the man who is looking after me, is huge and towers over me. He is  kinda nice, he showed me my room. Mother said only dead people sleep in beds but I managed a whole night in a bed. Yesterday, we went shopping. It was quite fun. I got a comic book and a strawberry lollipop, it was nice. In the evening he read me a book before I went to sleep. Mister Tom has a dog (Who is called Sammy, he is really cute). Mother told me to be a good boy for mister Tom, I think I am being quite good for Tom, well I think. I also went to a library, it was so peaceful. All the books are so different and educational. It’s always peaceful at Mister Toms’ house, he reads to me in bed. But when we go out, we have to carry gas masks which is annoying. But war was declared so we have to wear the gas masks or else. I have to help Tom its actually not that bad to be honest.

Well life here isn’t bad, for now. 

Kadie-Leigh 6MP

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