Diary of Willie evacuee

13 September 1939

Dear Diary,


Today was the worst day of my life,war has just been declared around the world. WERE ALL GONNA DIE! Ok, I’m over exaggerating but I have just got evacuated to the countryside and I’m quite nervous. Although I don’t get to see my mum which is good at the same time scary because I don’t know these people. The train took me to a little village, a knot inside my tummy was tightening, trying to kill me. My small intestine was skwishing making it hard for me to breathe. I was about to burst. The suspense made me sweat, I was dripping like a tap. The silence in the solemn train was deafening. But finally i was here… 


A tall man with grey dust hair was standing in front  of the cottage. He is the man who is taking care of me. I was very anxious and bewildered. I walked into this breezy room and a shiver went down my back. OMG, I had bacon for the first time it’s delicious. I can’t believe it. 


I have my own room and a bed for the first time. I’m overwhelmed with excitement it’s so nice of him but I’m kinda scared because my mum always told me that a bed is for dead people which I believe.


It’s been a week now and i’m not dead and Tom my carer is really kind and sweet i would love to live here his the kindest person i have ever met.  

bye Faith 6T

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