William Beech Diary Entry By Hollie 6T


Thursday 13th September 1939


Dear Diary,


Last Thursday was the worst day ever. I found out that war has been declared and that  I had  to be evacuated. I was really scared, I thought to myself  it could a really mean person or it could be a really nice person, well today you will find out…


When Tom (the man) was standing at the cottage door I was absolutely terrified. He looked as if he would batter me even if I was being good. I was also a bit embarrassed because I was the last evacuee off the train and also the last one to be chosen. But I followed him into the  old cottage anyway.


When Mr Tom was stoking the fire with the poker I was petrified, why did he even have it anyway I thought. I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t  stop thinking about if he was going to hurt me if I was bad and the poker, was he going to slap me with it or not. I started panicking, I had too much in my mind…I fainted.

But in the end I found out actually he is a really nice person, and I am grateful to be with him and relieved I am not with my awful mother.


William Beech xx


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