Willies diary entry 1

13th september 1939


Dear Diary,


Yesterday, ten days into WWII I was evacuated to the countryside. I am petrified. My essential belongings are on the train with me. I am close to the small town I’m going to live in for a little bit till the war is over. I have arrived…


A man called Mr Tom took me in. I am so embarrassed; I was the last one there. Mr Tom is a very braught man. I’m quite scared of him or anxious.


I got my own room which is good . I feel excited,overwhelmed and shocked. I don’t know what to do. 


In the evening, Tom started to stoke the fire with the poker. I ended up fainting. I had a dayshavoo. I thought I was going to die because I thought I was going to be hit with the poker.

Last night was the first night. I felt sense of care from the man i feared the most


Willie xx  

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