Reception Summer Term



Welcome to the Reception class page were you will find lots of information about all the learning that happens in the Reception class at Corrie Primary and Nursery School.

What a fantastic start to the summer term. The children are excited to be back to school.

The Topic this term is Plants, Growth, and Mini Beasts.

Many of the continuous provision areas both indoors and outdoors will be enhanced with Growing and Mini beast themed activities. We have a Garden Centre role-play area.
The children will be drawing, writing and painting pictures plants growing and using ICT to record and describe Mini Beast and their features and habitats.
In the outdoor classroom, the children will be designing and making a growing area.
This will develop their understanding of gardening and growth and feeling a sense of pride in developing the outdoor area for planting.

Communication and Language.
The children will be reading and sharing many non- fiction books on plant growth and habitats for mini beasts. They will read the Traditional story of Jack and the Beanstalk and the modern story of Jasper’s Beanstalk.
The children will listen to a range of stories, begin to accurately anticipate key events and characters in the stories and respond appropriately, and be attentive in the activity. These will be stories cross-curricular and linked to the writing tasks for the term: Being able to say and write a simple sentence.

In Maths, the children will be reciting numbers to 20, then 100. Counting back from at least 20 to zero. Reciting numbers to 100, counting to 100 in 1s and 10s. Counting in 2s.
Counting on: Adding 1,2,3, given numbers to 20 by counting on.
2D shape and data handling:
Pattern – Create and complete repeating patterns with two or three colours/shapes/objects/ actions.

Addition and Subtraction: Find 1 more/ 1 less. Subtract 2 by counting back.
Measures (capacity): Direct comparisons. More or less.

Money: Recognise all coins. Very simple addition and subtraction problems involving money.

Please see all the Phonic Fairy story resources on Google Classroom using your child’s personal log in.
In Phonics the children will be learning the Phase 3 and Phase 4 Phonics sounds and the phase three/four key words. These will be sent as homework for the children to practise at home.

Outdoor learning – Gardening: Plants, Growth, and Mini- Beasts.
The children will collaborate to design and build a Garden and planting area.
We will plant and grow Beanstalks linked to the story.
The children will use a variety of large construction materials (crates, hollow blocks, planks etc.) for children to construct their own ideas and creation.
The children have access to the outdoor area where we develop children’s creative ideas through different role-play areas enhanced with quality play equipment.
The outdoor learning gives children the platform to learn and explore through all the areas of the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum.

Home learning
The children will receive homework on Friday and this should be returned by Wednesday.
Reading Books
The children will have their books change at least once a week. We ask that children bring in their reading book everyday as they may read with one of the adults in the class on different days.
Books for Enjoyment.
The books are changed on Monday and should be returned on Friday. These books are for you to read with your child and not for the children to read.

Thank you for your on going support the Reception team.
Mrs Rafferty, Mrs Ethell, Miss Richards, Mrs Bellis and Miss Leach.