Just for Fun

Children love the simple pleasures of playing in nature, and throwing leaves in the air is one of those activities that can bring so much joy and excitement. When children throw leaves in the air, they get to experience the thrill of watching the leaves flutter and dance in the breeze. The sound of the leaves rustling and crunching under their feet is music to their ears.

As they toss the leaves, they can experiment with different throwing techniques, like tossing them high into the air or gently tossing them at each other. They might even make up their own leaf-throwing games, like trying to catch as many leaves as possible or seeing who can make the biggest pile.

Throwing leaves in the air can also be a sensory experience for children. They get to feel the texture of the leaves in their hands, smell their earthy aroma, and marvel at the beautiful colours of the leaves as they twirl through the air.

Overall, throwing leaves in the air is a simple yet magical activity that can bring endless entertainment and delight to children. It’s a wonderful way to encourage them to explore and appreciate the wonders of nature while having fun with their friends at Forest School today.

Enjoy the mini clip x

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