Science at Forest School

Pushing and pulling are actions we use every day to move objects. There’s a fun game we can play that involves pushing and pulling with our school friends!

For this game, the children found a large object (a bucket filled with water) that they could push and pull. It could be a box, a toy wagon, or even a big stuffed animal.

The children then took it in turns to explore pushing and pulling the buckets along the rope.

You can make the game even more exciting by adding obstacles to the path. For example, you could put a pile of logs in the way that you need to push the object around.

All the group learnt how to work together with their friends and take turns pushing and pulling. This game is not about winning or losing, but about having fun and learning how to cooperate with others.

A great morning at Forest School!

Enjoy the snapshots and mini clip.

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