Alex Glew

I have been a governor at Corrie since January 2020.  My links with Corrie started as soon as we moved to Haughton Green through my children attending the school (2017-2019), volunteering to read with different classes, visiting the school to give RS lessons and assemblies etc due to my role with St Mary’s Church (my husband is the minister) and also encouraging the kids during ‘Careers and Aspirations Week’ to consider becoming scientists (my background is in research pharmacology).

My kids loved their time at Corrie and through the time I have spent involved with the school I have realised what an important role it plays in the life of Haughton Green & Denton by providing such a caring, happy and supportive environment for the kids in our community to learn.

Despite no formal professional experience in education, I believe it is vitally important to provide all children with the opportunity to learn to the best of their ability, in a nurturing environment, and that this education involves both academic learning and development of other skills and gifts the children have.  To that end, I intend to work hard as a governor to support the staff in the vital roles they have in enabling the children to flourish, and to help Corrie continue to deepen the education and support it already provides.