Tree sculptures

Year 5 have been taking part in an eco/art project called ‘Keen to be Green’. They have worked with artist, Sam Owen Hall, and used recycled materials to create tree sculptures. The focus of the project was to take rubbish and transform it into something beautiful that looks like it belongs to nature. We think the outcomes look beautiful!

School Council Meeting: 03.02.20

Corrie Primary School Council Meeting Minutes.
Date: 3rd March 2020
Time: 12:45PM
Location: 6T Classroom
In Attendance: Miss Pinington, Miss Turner, Mrs Ethell, AR, JC, MD, MC, ML, TG, EF, BC, KDS, JP, JO, BP, HP
Topic: Reading area, money raising for choir and fund raising for Uganda
Speaker: Mrs Ethell Miss Turner & Miss Pinington
1st on the agenda: Mrs Ethell requested attendance at a school council meeting to raise the profile of reading across school. She asked if school council can set up a possible book swap station within school for trial over the next half term. Completed books will be brought into school for other people to take. School council members will promote and run this system through school.
2nd on the agenda: Raising money for music box
Choir have requested school council’s assistance in raising money for a new boom box. At present they are using an unreliable boom box and having to borrow this from classes around school. They have asked if school council can plan an event to raise money. Possible options discussed were: a paid assembly, an after school show and charity buckets.
3rd on the agenda: Helen returning from Uganda.
A visitor to our school, who moved to Uganda to help build a school, is returning soon and would like to come and talk to us about her work. She has asked if we would like to help fundraise for more of the work she is doing. Possible options discussed were: a non-uniform day where the children come in colours of the Ugandan flag and donate £1.
Required Action: School Council Committee to talk to Mrs Cartledge about fun raising events. Representatives to devise a rota for book swap. Representatives to write a parent mail about book swap and make posters.
By Who: School Council Committee, AR, JC and MD
Any Other Business:

Great Corrie Bake Off

We are so proud of our school for raising £415 for Cancer Research UK.
The school council worked really hard to organise such a fantastic event for an incredibly worth while charity. Thank you to all the parents and pupils who contributed by baking a cake or visiting our cake stalls. We should be really proud of Corrie’s community for doing something so amazing. Also a huge thanks to local businesses who donated prizes (the works, Fletchers Arms, Stockport county FC, Sainsburys and Baked by Boo).

Spring Term

Happy New Year! Hope you’ve all had a brilliant holiday and are ready and raring to go again. We are really looking forward to this half term and we hope you are too! Spring Term 1 is a very busy one, so here’s what we’ll be up to!


As usual, we’ve got lots of exciting activities planned in English. The start of this term, our focus is on writing non-fiction. We will start the year by writing our own epic poem based on The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. The focus of this poem is about a girl named Bess who falls in love with the notorious Highwayman. The children will be using stanzas and poetic devices to create their own epic poem. #

We will develop our SPAG knowledge through continuing to learn about the various word classes and different spelling patterns, including the Y5/6 word list. We will be focusing on how to apply all our SPAG work into our own writing.


We will continue to be in mixed groups across Y5 for maths. We will continue to develop our skills in the 4 operations, our understanding of Place Value, Decimals, Percentages and Fractions and Measurement. We will then move onto geometry and look at the properties of different triangles and investigate the angles in a triangle. We will be focusing on the Using and Applying aspect of Maths through Problem Solving Challenges.

Please remember to carry on practicing your times tables up to 12×12.

Aim to be a Times Tables Rockstar this half term if you’re not already!



Our topic this half term is Properties of Materials. In this unit the children will compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, response to magnets and electrical and thermal conductivity. They will have given reasons, based on evidence from comparative and fair tests, for the particular use of everyday materials, including metals, wood and plastic. We will develop our working scientifically skills by be carrying out investigations to test materials to see if they are dissolvable and whether they are good insulators or conductors.


Our topic for the whole of this term is Grand Designs. We will be learning all about famous landmarks both in Great Britain and around the World! We will then design and build our own 3D structures.


We will continue to use Jigsaw in our PSHE sessions and our topic this half term is ‘Dreams and Goals’ we will think about our future aspirations and what we need to do in order to help us achieve these.

Computing – Coding

We will be using a programme called Scratch. The children will be using coding to create their own maze games. We will also be using Powerpoint to present information that we research in our topic lessons. The children will use book creator on the iPads in order to develop eBooks about the wonders of the world.



PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Our focus this half term will be gymnastics. We will look at different jumps, rolls and ways to travel in order to create our own sequences.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR PE KIT. Make sure you don’t get RED on your Assertive Mentoring!


We will continue to have a creative approach to our homework this term. You will be given Maths and Spelling homework each week as well as being able to choose from a range of creative activities in Topic.

Homework is given out on Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.


Homework handed in on Wednesday is GREEN.

Homework handed in on Thursday is YELLOW.

Homework handed in on Friday is RED.

If you cannot do your homework at home then homework club is open to everyone on a Wednesday and Thursday lunch time.

We read in class every day, so make sure you always have your Reading Log in school.

Please make sure you also read regularly each week at home and ask an adult to sign your Reading Log for you. We will sign your Reading Log every WEDNESDAY  to check you have read at home, so please don’t forget!!



Parents & Carers are always very welcome to call in to discuss any aspect of their child’s learning, any other area of their school life or just to say ‘hello’. We are available anytime before or after school, except on Wednesdays because that’s when we have our Staff Meeting.

We are really looking forward to a great half term with you all!

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Pinington, Mr MacDonald, Miss Jackson and Mrs Sharrock.


Tudor Day

We had two tudors coming in for our Tudor day mistress Alice and Jack they taught us all about Tudor illnesses such as : the plague and the sweats.
We also learnt about Tudor court cases and how Tom Appletree shot a gun at queen Elizabeth 1st and how her guard died from the gunshot. In the afternoon, we did a play and made a Tudor rose we also learnt how to balance a peacock feather them it was the end of a splendid day and we all got to dress up for the day.

– James C