Our town denton

Denton is a town in tameside.


Denton once had 4 felt hatting firm’s in denton and haughton in the 1800s and ” hatting” was the most popular business here

Denton gets its name from the Anglo Saxon word ” deyn” which means Valley, so denton literally means ” Valley Town”


There is a war memoriall in Victoria Park, for all the soldiers from denton who lost thier lives in the first world war (1914-1918)..  I have attached a picture. 3500 denton men fought in the  war and sadly 369 were killed.

Remembrance day is coming so I have decided to add this fact into my homework


The oldest church in denton is St Lawrence and its over 500 years old.


I hope you enjoy my facts about denton


Hayden Hughes



Jensens Sukkah

I built this Sukkah over the weekend after going for a walk in the woods with my family to collect sticks and leaves.

i looked on google for ideas of what a Sukkah looks like and then made one. I hope you like it.

also using an app on my mums phone, we added me into one of the pictures.

reading eggspress


Alfie  is so proud to achieve a silver trophy on reading egspress and has accepted a challenge to read 50 (real)books by the time he goes back to school.  Last night he had read 25 books so he’s half way through.