How I have changed since being a baby by Jensen R 2D

When I was a baby  I could only move my arms and legs ,I also could only have milk for breakfast, dinner and tea. I needed help  with  feeding myself and  getting dressed and having my poopy nappy changed,  which my mum thought was disgusting . When I was 1 -year-old ,  I could  crawl ,  walk , talk And use my hands to eat  Real food . At this time I needed help with chopping my food up getting dressed and walking steadily. At 4 – years -old I could go to the toilet on my own, eat with no help, run, jump and play and  learn in nursery . I needed help with wiping my bum , crossing roads safely, and reading my books.

now I’m 7 and I can ride a bike, read, write,build Lego , swim and wipe my bum.

I can go to school and learn and get it correct . I need help with   Tying my laces , extra learning , learning to cook and safety and not lose my temper with my sister.


by Jensen 2D



How I have changed Alfie 2D

My name is Alfie.  This name was given to me by my Mummy and Daddy as soon as I was born.

When I was born in February 2013 I weighed 8lbs, I measured 55cm.

A lot has changed in seven years, I am a lot taller I now measure 4 ft 3″. I also weigh a little bit more than I did when I was born.  I now weigh 3st 3lbs.

When I was a baby my Mummy and Daddy did everything for me. They fed,washed and changed my nappies and also kept me safe.  Now I can wash myself, I don’t wear nappies anymore and even though mum cooks my food I can eat it myself. They still need to make sure I’m safe although I know lots of ways to keep myself safe as well.

Just before I was one I started to learn to walk and had to have my mum hold my hands but now I can walk all by myself. When I was little I couldn’t play football or score a goal but now I have spent a lot of time training, I can score lots of goals and play in matches.

Some children in my class went to nursery when they were three but I didn’t do that.  I spent lots of time in hospital being looked after and my Mummy and Daddy thought it was best for me to stay at home.

When I went to Corrie in reception I was very scared to meet all the children and teachers and I cried a lot everyday.  Mrs Faulkner looked after me and showed me just how much I could learn being at school.  When I joined reception I couldn’t read and could only write my name, I soon learned that reading would help me a lot and I read every day to try and get better.  When I was five I went to the hospital and they told me I only have to go one time every year now and that made us all very happy.

Now I am reading at stage 11 and I don’t cry going to school because I know how much fun it is and I love seeing my friends and teachers.

Everybody changes when they are getting older but things like eyes and hair stay the same colour.  Things that change are your size, you grow taller and your feet get bigger, mine are now a size 12.

I know that I will keep changing until I’m an adult but some things will still be the same. I hope I grow really tall and keep getting better at football but I know I have to keep training.  I also want to do really well at school.



The pictures are me when I was a new born baby and when I am seven years old. Look how different I look.

How have you changed as you have grown up . 2M Lillie-May

Lillie-May  2M

As a baby all I could do was drink milk from a bottle and cry. My Mum and Dad had to feed me and bath me and change my nappy! At first I couldn’t crawl or walk and had to be carried or go in my pram. lol I had was a tiny Moses basket because a bed was far to big for me. As I got a bit a bit older I had a walker that helped me learn how to walk on my own and as my bones got stronger I began to crawl everywhere!
Eventually I could feed myself and had big girl foods and didn’t even need to wear a nappy anymore! I could run and walk and even got some teeth that I’ve learnt to brush by myself.
I went to nursery and made some friends and started to learn some new words. After nursery I started in reception where I now no lots of words, my feet are getting bigger and my hair is growing long! I started to make some friends and  learning harder things, I even no how to ride a bike and scooter now.

Now I am 7 years old, I have size 13 feet and hair down my back. My baby teeth started to fall out and I now have 4 adult ones! I went from my Moses basket to a single bed and now I have a double bed I am that tall! I do not like the baby programmes anymore I like big films and Disney movies. I can write and paint now and even can do jigsaws on my own.