Stone Age girl by India

When it was the afternoon me and James asked if we could go to the park and they said yes but don’t split up again or you might get lost said James mum and dad.As we were walking to the park I was walking through the road I heard a rumbling a racing thing coming towards me… And when James saw me he said look out you might get hit but it was to late.I found myself back through the tunnel and back through the time portal. I found myself back home.When I went back to my cave I draw a picture of James. I told my family what had happened. 

The Stone Age girl by Luca

l was in the woods hunting for deer then I saw a cave I whent into it I saw a strange box it had a brite shine and purple swels.I when into it.then everything was different there nothing I recognised. I saw a boy he came closer to me I did not know who he was.the boy had these funny things round things on his face and he had these things on his feet. 

The Stone Age girl

As I stumbled up I realised my legs felt weird.The woods were silent and gloomŷ.I heared trotting through the trees.Then,I saw a mysterious looking boy.The boy was from the future.He had something around his eyes he had weird things on his arms then he had strange things on his feet.The boy had a colossal dog and I was frightened.I was bit!I through the dogs toy at the tv! I fell down I woke up I ended back home was it a dream maybe.maybe not I looked down I had a peace of glass in my hand…

The stone age by Libby

This term I have learnt that stone age people ate berries. Woolly mammoths brain and hazelnuts. The wore animal skins and they also made tools from flint. These are the tools that they made… spears to get food, fishing hooks to catch fish! They use animal skins to make clothes, tents and also used them with their houses. They scrub the animal skins with a brush so they don’t get germs! They paint paintings in caves.

The Stone Age girl by Libbie

At the party I ate buttiesand crisps.That afternoon we went fishing and I made  a spear

so l can go with them.After that we went to the swimming baths they helpedme to swim. When I got the hang of it I thought it was brilliant.When we got back we had hot chocolate.I I was staggered because I liked it!

The Stone Age girl by Isabelle

I was plodding in the woods and I fell down.When I woke up I was on the wet grass.As I got up of the ground I saw someone from the future.The boy was hobbling towards me.His huge piercing eyes made me feel frightend.There was something on his eyes.I was taken to a big zoo with lots of animals in it and I got frightend by a huge lion and tiger.Suddenly the tiger escaped the huge cage and everyone was trying to leave the zoo.I fell down a hole at the zoo.

The Stone Age girl

As I stumbled of the ground I thought my legs  felt like wobbly jelly.As tumbled out of the dark cave I realised I came into the super gloomy dark woods.All I could hear was bangs of loud footsteps and loud echos of people shouting.So I took 11 steps towards the footsteps I could hear.When I woke up I was in one of those scary machines.

The Stone Age girl

I was plodding in my campsite and fell down a hole I woke up in the middle of the park and met a boy from the future,the boy had something in his hand.He gave me something I put in my pocket we he took me to a place with a sign saying KFC and ordered a meal,went in to a strange looking house a fire started!we sprinted to the basement the door was locked a strange looking man put me into a yellow bed. I woke up and got out and fell down I woke up on the ground the air felt colder,I dashed all day but nether found him. I told my family and they didn’t believe me I still wonder if it was real I looked down and saw my  burnt  finger with a glowing item in my pocket.

The Stone Age girl

Once there was a girl named Om, she was just strolling in the park suddenly stumbled and ended up in the future.She saw something across the road it was a strange looking boy. He took me to his house made of red stone. She turned on a switch and made a fire!She called the fire men to tell them there is a fire.

The Stone Age girl

I arose from the ground and I realised that my legs felt like jelly. The woods were very silent, gloomy, petrifying and terrifying. Suddenly I heard the door slam open it was the president Donald Trump. He told me to come out of the house because there is a Stone Age girl. The boy had a brilliant idea. The idea was that I have to dress up as an ordinary person to foul him!