Neve’s story

“Ok,” replied miss Freya.
“Hey this part of wales is too dangerous for you,” said mum sadly
“Are you coming with me?” sobbed Lia.
“No,” mum said but she was about to cry.
“Ok,” said Lia crying her eyes out.

The Next morning, Lia and her mum walked to the Piccadilly train station.
It was dirty and smoky. There was loads of children crying! Lia had a bad stomach because she was frightened to death

Emily’s story

When Leah and her dad stopped crying, Leah’s dad said “Remember the shops day?” as dad sniffled the air “yes daddy!” sighed Leah. “Bye bye! Sorry! Cried dad. “It’s ok you didn’t know,” said Leah sniffing the air. As they finished there conversation, the train sounded it’s whistle Leah went in, and waved her hand. Good bye as she went inside someone gave her a card which had a number saying 2752 so she found it, it had a door and two windows beside it and two seats with a person she looked, worried for some reason she said “Don’t be afraid child” said the old lady so she sat down and asked her a few questions, when they got there she said “ok darling let’s go in” said the old lady WOW!! She thought “ It’s amazing! I love it! Said Leah excitedly. The lady introduced her to her new carer Mary Margret she looked pretty with a short haircut and it was black, a bit like Snow White! Mary Margret showed her to her new room in the basement. With two children one a boy and one a girl, the girl was called Emma and the boy was called Henri. Turns out they were brother and sister but Emma was the oldest.

Kyle’s Story

The journey was more fun. She had fun playing games with the other children and having fun talking to each other. They passed lots of rivers and horizons. The view was beautiful and amazing. She was finally at the house but Lily just had a dream. She was in the attic sleeping with her other siblings. There were curtains separating the boys and girls. Lily stayed up to see the view and it wa was amazing. All the stars shined bright like the sun and lots of people stayed up to see the magnificent view. But something felt wrong. It felt like something was creeping up to her. Her shadow moved on its own. Lily felt like she was in a nightmare or hallucinating but she really wasn’t. She felt like she had to sneak out. The house was big but very empty.

millie’s story

Rabail saw her mum and mum saw it was true love and Frankie came with mum and said we are living with your cousin Tilly and dad is coming with us yay yay yay I am so happy whats dads name clayton oh ok yay then dad called mum and said there is a dog in the home with no dog coller mum said oh no we saw that dog when we left ok what do I do with the dog boy muwe have cat food from the old laddy acrosse the roud why said dad I don’t realy no why she eherjust thinks that we have a cat dad said ok doggy come here good bye the way is it a girl or a boy mu said girl oh ok bye mum said bye Rabail said a dog oh no remember last time with dad uhhh we are whating for the carriage to come it is here sweety okkkkkkkkkkk were here at home sweet home yay the town was clean Rabail said wow the home is clean finaly no boms the boms are gone yay

Aurora’s story

Lion and the Unicorn
The garden was eerie and full of shadows. “fluff, I’m scared.” “woof” the dog barked at her so they walked into the fogy garden. The moon was like a giant pearl shot into the sky with tiny winking stars.


The lion and the unicorn
One dark eerie evening Neve and her mother are huddled, tightly under the stairs, while her dad is packing up to go to horrible war. Neve saw the scorching volcanic hot fire rapidly rushing to Manchester houses.

Tye’s story

crept up to lock the seller, he looked out the window and he said “Mum I not want to die” Alex sobbed

“Hi I’m Kate said a women , in a warming voice. It’s your bed time Alex dashed out the door front, he stumbled over when he looked behind him it was a rare black dragon and Clayton they flew over the city and when Clayton saw his sister Mia Clayton jumped of Alex could now see his Mum and Dad so he jumped of the dragon he said” hi Mum, said Alex” Mum said we are going to live with uncle Anton in Egypt THE END!

Clayton’s story

He crept downstairs and he unlocked the door like a mouse. As he opened the door. Quietly he crept through the garden and he saw the walls collapsing. He saw something familiar he was walking towards it and he realized it was the red bodied and green winged dragon that was the same one on his chain “Hello little one,” said the dragon.
“Uh hi,? Said Shawn confused.
Because it’s late at night he fell asleep. When he woke up he saw his mum with someone. Then he realized it was Dad!
“DADDY!” shouted Shawn

Brooke’s story

The next day, Lilyanna and her mum arrived at Piccadilly station. It was steamy and children were full of tears. The dusty trains were all rusty and wet inside, the floors in the station were dry and slippy. As Lilyanna got on the train she was full of tears like the other children. Mum was trying not to cry while Lilyanna was waving goodbye.
“Have fun!” Shouted mum blowing kisses. When she arrived, Lilyanna was in the countryside looking at the pretty sea and the bright flowers