Lumipod bettle

The Lethal Lumipod

Pandora is a moon that orbits a gas giant (Polythemus). Pandora is toxic, which is lifeless to humans, it can only be entered with specialist equipment. It is our nearest stellar solar system, that is 4.4 light years away from Earth. Many animals are dangerous but there are humanoids that are much like humans but blue and 9-10 feet tall. The dense rain forests of Pandora are like the Amazon rain forest but several times bigger. The mountains (Hallelujah mountains) have a flux that allows them to float constantly moving in the magnetic fields. Beautiful animals roam on Pandora. Pandora is situated in the alpha centuries solar system. 

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Eiffel Tower by Lillie-mae 5m

The Eiffel Tower!

The Eiffel Tower is a wrought-iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most visited bridges in the world. It is special because it is a suspension bridge, a suspension bridge is a bridge which is supported by cables (metal wires). Did you know that putting locks on the bridge to show you love someone was banned because one of the cables snapped because of the weight of the bridge? thank you for reading my blog on the Golden Gate Bridge

by Oliver Davies


Daisy’s sunset setting.

Image result for sunset the beach

As the silent sunset kissed the horizon, the slithering sea  swayed  towards the soft sand. The silky sand tickled my toes as the fluffy, white clouds flew towards me beckoning me to stay on the beautiful beach. The sleepy sun layed down his heavy head onto his cloudy cotton pillow. The fluffy  white cloud stretched out towards the sun like children hugging their parents. as the waves whooshed towards me a strong blast of salt caught my tongue and melted in my throat. The tawny sunset was settling down like a baby going to sleep. As the sea  swished towards me, the sand engulfed my body. The ocean, that was crystal, clear, hugged my body as if it is my friend.

Tristan’s amazing sunset

As I stepped on to the soft silky sand, my toes felt the lovely warm sunset. The beautiful warm sunset kissed my skin as I came closer. Looking up at the sunset, I saw the velvety soft clouds gently being carried away. The rippling sound of the tawny sea was washed away in the distance. The sun was like a shimmering glitter ball in the blue sky. The sand was swallowed into the sea like a whale after it’s prey. As the sunset, the wind which came from the sea blew a sweet tune into my ear.

The sleeping sunset

As I entered the glimmering beach, the sweet, salty air melted into my nose. When I stepped on the silky, soft sand it beckoned me to stay. Looking into the distance, the memorizing sunset was sleeping on the horizon. Looking downwards, I saw the sea swaying and washing away the sand castles and footprints that had printed into the sand. As I strolled along the sand, which engulfed my feet, the sun was shining like a dazzling diamond crashing along the shore.

Kadie’s surprise sunset

Image result for sunset on beach

As the silent sunset reached for the sweet horizon, the calm clouds gazed upon me. The silky soft sand sat beneath my toes and begged me to stay. In the tawny sunset, the gold path on the rippling , warm horizon reached for me and beckoned me to come. The taste of tongue tingling salt water hit me and hugged me along the way. The warmth ran to me and squeezed me with all it’s might. The wet sand grabbed my leg;it was like quicksand. Sand castles melted in the magical marine water. Swoosh! The turquoise water, which swallowed the sand, was trying to hug me and take me to the world of sea creatures.

Lily’s Sunset Setting

Image result for sunset on beach

As the blinding sunset disappeared in the swaying waves, the light streamed slowly upon my skin. Engulfing my feet, the crumbling sand threaded through my toes and the sun sunk beneath its warm bed. Fluffy clouds surrounded me while the sun blossomed in the daylight. The sweet sound of flowing waves swam up to me and begged me to stay. As the sunset faded into the navy sky, I could smell the salty sea swimming towards me. As the sea swished towards me it swallowed the golden sand. The ocean, that is crystal clear, lay in its damp bed.