5W class assembly

On Friday 19th of January we had our class assembly and it was all about the Elizabethan age where Queen Elizabeth reigned on the throne for 40 YEARS! In our assembly we had different stages the William Shakespeare times the sir Francis drake times we also played Tudor take me out and I was paddy mugginess also we had auditions in the globe theater. Then we invited parents back for tea and toast and to show off our books.

Noah J

5Ws school play

On Friday 19 January 5W performed a Tudor play for our class assembly.

We learned all about Queen Elizabeth 1 when she was on the throne with her privy council, we also learned about Sir Francis Drake and we also learned about William Shakespeare. We performed a short play to show what we had learnt to our grown ups.


Hope 5W

5w ‘s Random Acts of kindness 2017.

As Friendship day was last week, we decided to do random acts of kindness. Like :

Writing a nice anonymous note to somebody in the class and secretly

put it in their tray.

Smile at everybody you see to cheer them up.

Pay a compliment to 3 different people.

Offer to help someone who may be stuck or has lots to do.

Let someone know that you appreciate them

Invite someone  playing alone to join in.

Put  someone else first.

Choose somebody in class  to be nice to  for the rest of the week .

They can’t let them know.

All week, we have  been doing random acts of kindness around the school as we decided that one small gesture of kindness can really make a difference to someone’s day!

Soldiers for rememberance day by Emma 5T

Sending the messages from far and wide

Over to the countries

Loved ones lost,heart broken wives

Doing their jobs to save our lives

In the war,they fought to their death

East West they never rest

Remember remember don’t forget them

Saving lives,take two minutes silence because these people are our heroes.

Charlotte’s Web written by E.B.WHITE

Book-it list Book review by Elzabeth 5W

There was a girl called  Fern she had eight baby pigs her dad chopped seven of then  and then chopped down  the last one and then Fern turned angry and said that’s  unfair  .Then  her dad got  her another pig  and she feed it  everyday . Then see would go to school with her brother who had guns.See thought for a name for her pig  she named him Wilbur.Wilbur was growing so big and he was only 2years-old.Fern but him in a farm and there was this man called Mr Zuckerman and he took care of him. Fern visited Wilbur ever single day but she wasn’t allowed to go inside so she had to watch him. Wilbur makes good a spider called Charlotte.

I would recommend this book because I liked the characters and it was emotional. It made me laugh and cry.