The Arrival ..

 Engulfing the glittering star encrusted skies;My haulage lantern ,and many others,  floated to the mainland… Abbsentmindedly I sat down in my assigned pod,the town is very independent on industrial mechanics.. There many-a occupations in the here town. The only thing that makes my shattered soul more uneasy is that there are these.. How do I say this? Absurd creatures!? All my mind can process is that letter and my beautiful daughters pale complexion and my amazing noble wife.. Also that letter, I hope they never find it I hope I hid it well but then again my little girl is so good at finding things that she is supposed to… I think I hid it all well…

The Arrival

Cutting gracefully through the dark foggy air. The glamours paper birds swallowed the grey dull clouds. As I engulfed the oppressive atmosphere.

Arrival by Brody

Racing repellently through the crystal clouds  covering silently across the white shocking city.The clouds are like a void  engulfing my soul . Stomach tightening as my courage grew. The City was bombarded with buildings. The statue was humongous; it was the size of a skyscraper. I will be stored in the city was bombard humongous it was the size of a skyscraper it stood silently.  The city was giant. A futuristic feeling overwhelmed me. A monotonous  feeling came to me as its owner.  I was  sorrowful and felt empty and unsafe. The buildings were a bit dull. My face was straighter than a pole  The birds are free and I wish that was me. I rest my body like I was at home. The sinister sky’s closing on me.

The Arrival

Gliding across the sky  as elegantly as a ballerina through the misty air, went the beautiful origami  birds consuming the the murky sky absentmindedly. The air that I inhaled killed me on the inside, as I took in the whole new atmosphere in one moment. It was intriguing. I felt a monotonous feeling tingle through my body and my sensitive soul. The city was quite dense and industrial.

I saw that all over the city there was symbols every where and they looked like the ones I had gotten stuck all over me at the check out and I imagined that if you had that sticker then you could enter that store. It was all quite impoverished.

The arrival Logan watt

Swooping gracefully, the calm white birds filled the dark night sky, covering the smoke and buildings causing the city to look more graceful and enhanced with a mystical sight. I saw a angel which held the egg of the city and guarded it from anyone who dares to try and destroy its mystic essence. There is lots of powerful architecture causing your eyes to burst. I had not seen anything like this in the time of being alive. I saw a boat nearby a road and it it looked as if it was floating. My eyes almost popped when I saw how the symbols matched the ones on the stickers I was gave at the health check. I didn’t know it at first but there was extra-terrestrials dashing around the adhesive city. Was this a fantasy or was this real life I thought. The clouds looked as cosy as wool. The houses were shapes that I did not now of which changed my thought of the place which I shall call my home. I could not believe what I was seeing it was like a fantasy but in real life. I wish we all were here.

The arrival. boat disembarking boat. Logan watt

The arrival

Everyone disembarked the boat sluggishly and extremely monotonously and without any joy in the light of their glum eyes. The people overtime had became the exact same in personality and their was no difference between them and all looked glum and grim. They were cold and walked laboriously into the mystic unknown. You wouldn’t even know who is who and where their from. They were changed by time and the vile of stench of water filled their weak lungs hurting the last of their essence. It was unknown to wether they had any memory of their old life and their precious family. And there was nothing great about them. Who knows what will happen whether they will find that yourself or whether they will suffer in the knowledge of no they have lost who they truly were. Will they get out of this place or will they fall in agony, pure agony. What will happen to their true soul.Will they get out of the way they are or will they stay the same for the rest of eternity. 


North America

North America was used to be known as the Americas and known to be founded by Christopher Columbus in the Golden Age when Queen Elizabeth I  ruled England. The Americas was found when Christopher Columbus was going to trade spices in Asia he accidentally found the Americas in the 15th century. But the Americas was not originally founded by Christopher Columbus as there was settlers already there  making it official that America was not founded by Christopher Columbus. The original people at America before it was founded were named Paleo-Indians who were hunters and gatherers in the 1500-1700s.

Year 6 Christmas is here

I know you may all be excited for Christmas it is a time of year were you can have fun and open presents with your family but due to Corona not all of the good stuff will happen but that won’t change what happens a school as Y6 is the best and they deserve their Christmas party. All the parents have thought was a good idea


THE LAST LOG ⛈ ( 👁 of the ⛈)

Eye of the storm

I have wondered when the eye will appear; each hour I wait the storm the storm rages further and further on. I can now see specks of green lights glimmering in my wake. I need to throw my belongings into the burning flames of my engine. I need to the green substance into the fire before anything else. I can not throw my sacred box filled with my most treasured secrets. I am clutching my box but I know that I cannot keep everything ,so I drop it and it falls through the brown and grey thunderclouds into her clutch. I feel something hard under my foot; it is the key to my pt dragon’s chains. I know i have to let her free; the rest of trip is too dangerous for my only pet. I pick the key and unlock the shackles and let my dragon free. I go and look for the old rope to tie it to the wheel so I can sit and wait for my Destiny to arrive. I Shall rue this day when I let my dragon and box go. I know that where my dragon goes, it will live a life it could not get get with me. I go to my seat, as I know I can’t disembark this far on in my deadly voyage

My destiny awaits..

by logan watt


The last log ( eye of the storms)

The last log

The harsh rain pelted down continuously on the deck masking my dark side and my sorrow. Regretfully I understood that it was my time to let go of my most prized possession. I couldn’t bear to watch my whole life drift away. I grasped it tightly until my fingers went numb . She shall share my life with me now. It was done . I shall rue this day forever. In the distance the corner of my eye caught a glow of emerald light. Somehow it beckoned me to go into the unknown. Resigned to my destiny, I grabbed the rope and knotted it to the rickety wheel of the airship. Now I’ve come this far I have no option to disembark.

                      My destiny is sealed.

Article written by Maicie  Robinson 6T