Promoting British Values at Corrie

At Corrie we are committed to actively promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and embedded in this are the fundamental British values of:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

We do this by promoting the values throughout school life (including assemblies) as well as through curriculum subjects such as Religious Education, Personal, Social and Health Education, Sex and Relationship Education and History.



At Corrie pupils have the opportunity to have their voices heard in a variety of ways. Children who wish to be part of the School Council to represent their class are invited to put forward an application form in September. The class then take a vote to democratically elect their councillor. As an Investors in Pupils School, class targets and rewards are agreed on through a democratic vote. The Mayor and MP as well as local councillors have visited school and the School Council has visited the Mayor’s chamber at Ashton Town Hall. Pupils also have lots of opportunities to be heard and listened to and subject leaders interview children regularly. Each year all staff and children can nominate then vote for a charity they would like school to support.


The Rule of Law

At Corrie we all follow ‘The Golden Rules’. All the children know the rules and are aware of the rewards (smilies and Golden Time) and sanctions (time-out, loss of Golden Time and reflection time) which are used consistently by staff. As they get older the children become increasingly aware of the need for rules and the importance of laws. As part of Investors In Pupils each class also has their own Class Charter which is developed democratically and signed by each child. Pupils also encounter representatives from different services such as the Police, The Fire Service and Health professionals and learn about the reasoning and purpose behind different sets of rules such as road safety. During Careers and Aspirations Week pupils may also meet a JP and lawyers who work to ensure the laws of the country are adhered to. Older pupils also attend ‘Crucial Crew’ where they find out about and explore the rules and laws for personal safety.


Individual Liberty

From the nursery upwards all children are given opportunities to make choices and respect those of other children. They are actively encouraged to take responsibility for their choices which should ensure their own health and safety. From the Early Years children are encouraged to make their own risk assessments for example ‘is it safe to use the climbing frame today?’ and to look for solutions. Our assertive mentoring programme ensures that pupils are given regular opportunities to reflect on and discuss their personal attitudes to learning and the choices they make within school. Pupils know they have a right to confidentiality and can ask to speak privately to members of staff if they need to. Children are also able to choose extra curriculum activities based on their own interests.


Mutual Respect

Our school ethos is one of respect. All staff model respectful behaviour towards each other, parents and pupils. There is an expectation that pupils will follow the behaviour policy and that this is supported by parents. This was recognised at our school when we were accredited with The Investors in Pupils award. There is also an expectation that our learning environment is respected by all, to ensure that our school remains a warm and welcoming place to be.


Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

From the foundation stage onwards children will learn about the diversity in our school and the wider community. Equality for all groups in the community is paramount and staff ensure resources are used in the classroom which represent this diversity and aim to promote tolerance even when at times they may first provoke challenge. Children will be encouraged to reflect on how they work as a group, thinking about co-operation, sharing and being kind to one another. We use Kagan structures to help children develop the skills they need to work effectively in pairs and small groups. They will listen to stories from other faiths and cultures and hear about customs and festivals that are celebrated within the wider community. From Key Stage One children will visit places of worship including a church, a synagogue, a Hindu temple and a Mosque, visitors to school from different faith backgrounds are also invited to share their experiences of their faith with the children. Every year we celebrate World Culture Day. Curriculum areas which offer the opportunity to learn about and explore the value of tolerance are:- Religious Education, PE and PSHE and History.


British Traditions and Heritage

At Corrie we learn about key events and people through our History curriculum, for example Year 2 children find out about castles and the medieval times and Year 6 study World War 2. During assemblies children also hear stories about influential people and in literacy listen to a range of myths and legends. We also celebrate St George’s Day annually with a special assembly and a ‘disco’, which is always well attended. When possible children are offered the opportunity to visit museums and art galleries. This year some of our children have had their art work displayed in the gallery!