Stone Age things that we have bine learning about from Emily p

We have been learning about the Stone Age people and what they use to servive and we have bine making Stone Age tools and making woolly mammoths with.Stone age animals they had wolfs were biggest dogs on earth. Cave bear was a species of bear that lived in Europe and Asia during the pleistoce. Hippopotamus eat many grass but they have bine spotted. Wild boars are also known as the wild swine Eurasian wild pig or simply. Sheep were pets and they were used to eat the meat from then drink there milk there scine were used for clothing and there bones used. Giant Dear they were Extinked and it was over 7ft tall with massive antlers.woolly mammoths were very big and hiary. Woolly Rhinos were big and hiary and they could swim.what Stone Age people eat grapes, cherries, fish, olives, bird eggs. 10 facts about Stonehenge it is really old. It was created by people who left no written records.It could have bine a burial ground. Some of the stones were brought from nearly 200 miles away. They are known as ringing rocks. There is an Arthurian legend about Stonehenge. The body of a decapitated man was excavated from the site.

Stone Age by India

The Stone Age didn’t have any araplains or real cars and they didn’t have any shops ether so they had to hunt down animals and they gathered healthy food but if they gathered poisonous food then they could be unhealthy and could probably die and they eat seeds,eat nuts and eat raisains and they didn’t have any real houses in the Palaeolithic age but in the Neolithic age and the Mesolithic they had real houses in the middle age


Henry VIII: Henry VIII had 6 wives his 1st wife was Catherine of Aragon who gave him Mary I or ( Bloody Mary)
His second wife was Anne Boleyn who was Catherine’s  maid and gave him Elizabeth I
His 3rd wife was  Jane Seymour who gave him  Edward I and died shortly after birth
 Henry’s 4th wife was Anne of Cleves.  The king said he couldn’t love her as she had bad breath and was engaged before. Anne agreed to a divorce.
His 5th wife was Kathryn Howard who he fell in love with. She was also the cousin of Anne Boleyn.
Henry’s last wife was Catherine Parr who was proved to to be a kind wife and looked after him in his sickness and was a good step mother to three children.

– Freya (5P)

Coming Home by Joshua M

One icy cold day on Christmas Eve, I was in the middle of the woods in an abandoned isolated old broken shed. Then I got out of my teapot, it was a rusty unused kettle.

I said “I should go back to my mum and dad” so I went to fly to my mum and dad. I was exhausted, so I dropped on to a big branch looking for food. An hour later, I finished looking for food. I went upon a branch and I was cold and wet. I was very sad, I did not like that day, it was the worst day ever.

Then I found a place to stay in and it looked like it was nice cosy and warm. I went in there and slept in there.

When I woke up, I saw a ferret and it had a wet black nose surrounded by white whiskers. The ferret crept up on me and tried to eat me. Then I felt terrified. I flew away with my heavy wings. I flew over a blanket of snow and through the mountains that looked like a ball of fluff.  I was extremely exhausted. I stopped for a rest. Suddenly, I heard flapping wings behind me. I panicked and fluttered away. When I looked behind me, I realised that I had escaped danger. It was an enormous hawk with a sharp beak and claws.

I stopped under a big rock, sheltering, resting. I am waiting for a peaceful blue sky and the sun shining in my eyes. I am ready to set of to my next location, the next part of my journey. I can see a lighthouse shining bright in the dark onto the blue sea ocean.

The storm came again. Enormous waves in the distance. It was lightening crashing thunder. My wings are very heavy like a stone weight. I felt tired and cold. Suddenly, I can see a boat like an island in the middle of the ocean. A giant monstrous wave hits me. I was out of control, I was swept and rolled along the deck. Drowning! Choking! Will I ever see my home again?

I see big black boots coming towards me, the big hands reaching for me. The hands carefully scooped me up and put me in a box to keep me safe and alive. He gave me some bird food and some bread crumbs.

The next morning, it was a calm and nice day. The man’s hands were freezing and kindly pushed me into the air as he let me go. I’m stronger again, off on my way, I’m going home. My beating wings were flapping as fast as I never did before. I’m nearly there.

Exhausted, I got there. I see my home. When I landed on the round wooden table, I found lovely food but something is missing. Where is she? My heart is beating for her. I’ll call her. Then as quick as a flash she arrived. She asked me “Where were you?”

I told her that I was here and there because I did not want to worry or scare her. Finally, we enjoyed our special Christmas meal together in happiness.

– Josh (5P)


Coming Home by JJ

I was in an abandoned, isolated, old broken shed, in an unused rusty kettle.I popped my head out of the kettle. I must get there. I will get there. I must flap my wings as fast as I can in this cold wasteland. I will be there for my friends and family. I will return.

I feel cold and hungry. I must get there. I will get there through the hailstone and rain. Into a tree I go and feel soaking wet. Can my wings handle this rain? Finally, some shelter to be safe. A ferret with a wet black nose and white shiny whiskers came towards me. “Get out of here” he said. I was scared. I flew away.

I flew over the clouds and a blanket of snow. I must get there. I will get there. I am so tired of flying. I must take a drink but I saw the shadow of a hawk with sharp claws, a pointed beak and wings as long as an eagle. Twirl. Spin. Dodge. The hawk got tired and flew away. Phew that was a close one!

A rock is my shelter whilst I wait for the weather to go away. I must get there. I will get there. I must travel across the sea. I’m ready to go. I start to fly again. Oh no, the weather changes again. Thunder and lightening. Boom! Bam! Wackapow! I do not like this. I am too uncomfortable to fly through this weather. It is cold and my wings are shivering.

This boat will do. A giant wave rolled over me sweeping me along the deck but these giant hands, so big, grabbed me and put me into a warm box. Mmmm, food! Now it was time to go. I am almost there. I’m coming home. Coming home to my family. The fisherman was nice and kind and threw me up, so I can fly again.

I am almost there and the weather is calm. I can see it. I’m finally home but where is she? I must look for her. I see a mince pie and my loved one. I said “hello”. She replied “I missed you”. We ate our mince pie and I am back home. I am happy now with my loved one.

  • JJ

Sabre tooth tiger

Sabre tooth tigers come from the cat species they have Sharpe pointed long curved teeth but don’t get to close because they may bite you. They are very strong mammals with very strong muscles and are very fast at running but can be very sneaky read to jump upon its pray. They have an orange colour shot haired fur.They manly hunted ground sloths,deer.Sabre became extinct due to lack of pray about 12,000 years ago. I would like to have a Sabre tooth as a pet I would call it Hook fang and it would sleep in my bed.

Ethan Judge 3w

Woolly mammoth

Woolly mammoth had large head massive body, weighed around 6 tons and are as tall as 9-11 feet tall. Woolly mammoth had long shaggy dark browncowtand a thick layer of fat under the skin to prevent them from freezing in the very cold environment they lived in. Woolly mammoth was herbivores.

Ethan judge 3w

Stone Age by Renae

We have bin learning about  the Stone Age first, we find out that soI me animals have longer skulls . Nest we fond out that how the Stone Age people survived they survived from havivng wormg clothes and from kining animals  for food . After that we fond out  How to kill animals