Stone Age girl by Emily

I was hunting for Dears and I found a purple gloomy portole and I stepped into it I ended up in a curious place I walked and then I found a boy I came .up to him I’d never seen him before but he grabbed my hand the boy took me to meet his family and I new his name his name was.Oliver when it was the next day I went to this school place and when it was break time we went on a climbing thing and I kept jumping of it .but there was a .sores under it Oliver gave me a friend ship necklace when it was home time we went to this football place we had to kick a ball and Oliver past the ball to me and I kikked the ball in the net.and Oliver kikked the ball at me and I passed out and everything was dark and when I woke up I was in my tent and I went outside and told my family but nobody believed me hmm I said maybe it was just a dream or maybe not I still had the friend ship necklace.


Stone Age girl by Zoha

Finally I got out of the vehicle and looked around  I coulden’t believe it I was flabbergasted .Then I followed Max to the facepainting it was exciting I couldn’t wait I wanted a Lepord facepaint .After that Max and I went to buy cottencandy itwas so sweet and surgery!Next we went on a roller couster I felt sick but it was fun,next we went to a race and I WON!!!

Stone Age boy by Tilly

An interesting thing once happen to me. I was hunting in the magical woods and I saw a glowing light in the disternst so I walked slowly to it.When I got there I saw a stange shape in the ground.I opened it carefully and I plummeted into a weird tunnel and I went down,down,down.I saw a boy but he had some cool coloured things on his eyes and behind me I saw lots of rectangles going upward and it had a huge black thing’s on the huge thing I saw.I couldn’t tell what it was?He took me into his house.

Stone Age Girl by Summer

I saw this  box thing zooming to words me I  tried to go past it but it was to Late…I fell down a a enormous  black hole. A few hours  later l woke up and found my self back at the Stone Age .l was playing for a few hours with jack out side we were playing hid and seek.l looked and Looked but I couldn’t find him .But then in the distance l found him in a bush.

Stone Age Girl by Clayton

I was hunting for deer in the completely dark woods.Then she found something strange there was two buttons a red and a green then she pushed the green one.And I found my self falling down down down .Then I was in the futer.And I found a boy whith weird clothes and I found out his name was Jake.

Stone Age girl by Neve

I went closer , closer and closer to the bright light. I went into a tunnel then it fouled me back home.

I told my mum about it but she didn’t believe me until I showed her my goggles that Fred gave me.

But they did something weird because the sun was on it shined and twinkled like a clear diamond

was it a dream maybe or maybe not…