Beegu by Alexis Deacon

Year 1 have been reading the book ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon, the children have produced some amazing pieces of writing inspired by the book. I decided to contact the author and share some of their work, he was so impressed by all of the children’s hard work. He even replied with a video message:

Wow! Declan’s been very busy.

Look at this amazing Science. You’ve really cared for those sunflower seeds. I hope they grow really tall!

Declan’s also been busy baking cookies and setting up a brilliant den which he’s even slept in!!!

Declan’s also been very creative making a brilliant NHS poster and recording his lock down with hand-prints. They all look amazing! Well done. Thanks for sharing your fantastic pictures. I’m sure all your friends will love seeing what you’ve been up to.