Stone Age Update By Brooke

Last week for my home work I made some Stone Age tools.

I made an axe and a bow and arrow.

For the axe we went looking for sticks at the park and then used some string and a stone.

For the bow and arrow we also used sticks and strings. My dad had to help me sharpen the end of my arrow so it was sharp. People in the Stone Age would use this to hunt animals.


stone age blog

In year 3 I have been leaning about  how   stone age  people  survived   the stone age .  Did  you know  that  stone age people   had to make there clothes out of animal skins and kill animals for food. They also made weapons  like a spear .


The Stone Age by Brooke

In Year 3 we have been learning some interesting things about the Stone Age.

I have learnt about how men would hunt animals to use for food, animal skins for their clothes and animals bones for making tools.

Children would go and pick berries for their families to eat. Mums would stay at home with the babies and cook using fires.

Some houses were made from stone but they also lived in caves.

I also learnt that after the Stone Age there was the Bronze Age and then the Iron Age.

I am excited because I will be making some Stone Age Jewellery at home.

By Brooke


Connor’s Stone Age blog

Stone Age Topic

The topic this term is Stone Age.

My favourite part about this topic is the creative homework.

I built a mini Stonehenge.

Ive learnt that the early hunters hunted with sharpened sticks, later they learned to use arrows and spears made with flint or bone.

I enjoy this topic a lot.

Connor. (3P)