Stone Age things that we have bine learning about from Emily p

We have been learning about the Stone Age people and what they use to servive and we have bine making Stone Age tools and making woolly mammoths with.Stone age animals they had wolfs were biggest dogs on earth. Cave bear was a species of bear that lived in Europe and Asia during the pleistoce. Hippopotamus eat many grass but they have bine spotted. Wild boars are also known as the wild swine Eurasian wild pig or simply. Sheep were pets and they were used to eat the meat from then drink there milk there scine were used for clothing and there bones used. Giant Dear they were Extinked and it was over 7ft tall with massive antlers.woolly mammoths were very big and hiary. Woolly Rhinos were big and hiary and they could swim.what Stone Age people eat grapes, cherries, fish, olives, bird eggs. 10 facts about Stonehenge it is really old. It was created by people who left no written records.It could have bine a burial ground. Some of the stones were brought from nearly 200 miles away. They are known as ringing rocks. There is an Arthurian legend about Stonehenge. The body of a decapitated man was excavated from the site.

Stone Age by India

The Stone Age didn’t have any araplains or real cars and they didn’t have any shops ether so they had to hunt down animals and they gathered healthy food but if they gathered poisonous food then they could be unhealthy and could probably die and they eat seeds,eat nuts and eat raisains and they didn’t have any real houses in the Palaeolithic age but in the Neolithic age and the Mesolithic they had real houses in the middle age

Sabre tooth tiger

Sabre tooth tigers come from the cat species they have Sharpe pointed long curved teeth but don’t get to close because they may bite you. They are very strong mammals with very strong muscles and are very fast at running but can be very sneaky read to jump upon its pray. They have an orange colour shot haired fur.They manly hunted ground sloths,deer.Sabre became extinct due to lack of pray about 12,000 years ago. I would like to have a Sabre tooth as a pet I would call it Hook fang and it would sleep in my bed.

Ethan Judge 3w

Woolly mammoth

Woolly mammoth had large head massive body, weighed around 6 tons and are as tall as 9-11 feet tall. Woolly mammoth had long shaggy dark browncowtand a thick layer of fat under the skin to prevent them from freezing in the very cold environment they lived in. Woolly mammoth was herbivores.

Ethan judge 3w

Stone Age by Renae

We have bin learning about  the Stone Age first, we find out that soI me animals have longer skulls . Nest we fond out that how the Stone Age people survived they survived from havivng wormg clothes and from kining animals  for food . After that we fond out  How to kill animals

Autumn 2

We have a busy and exciting half term in the lead up to Christmas, including parent’s evening on the 13th and 14th November, the KS2 Corrie bake off (18th November) and our Christmas fair 6th December!

Autumn 2


In maths we will be start by looking doubling and halving numbers. We will then move onto fractions and finding fractions of an amount. The children will develop a range of strategies to help them add and subtract and look at finding measurements. We will continue to develop our problem and reasoning skills throughout each unit of work.



We will start the half term by focusing on instructional writing inspired by How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson. We will start by reading and following instructions to make our own woolly mammoth model! We will then be doing lots of text interrogations to become familiar with instructional writing before writing our own set of instructions.


Topic: The Stone Age

Through our topic we will find out for example when the Stone Age was by looking at timelines, stone age people, their homes and survival (History focus) and where Stone Age people came from (Geography focus.) We will also be looking at Stone Age Art and Craft and create our own cave paintings (Art focus) and analyse Stone Age weapons and jewellery including spears, axes and bear tooth necklaces (DT focus.)


Science: Light and Shadows

In Science the children will learn the differences between light sources and light reflectors, and will sort these into two groups. They will be able to describe how shadows are formed and will explore the relationship between light, objects and the formation of shadows. They will work towards completing a Quest entitled, ‘How Can We Make Shadows Change?’ and they will create and change shadows in the context of a puppet shadow play. In this play they will explore the properties of materials that can cast shadows and use the scientific terms opaque, translucent and transparent to describe these materials. Finally children will demonstrate an understanding of the possible dangers to health that the Sun, as a strong source of light, holds for them and others.


PHSE: JIGSAW Celebrating Difference 

During this ‘puzzle’ the children will be looking at celebrating difference by thinking about different families. They will also look at bullying and problem-solve a bullying situation with others. We will be thinking about the impact of our words on others and the consequences of this.


RE: What do different people believe about God?

In RE the children will be looking at what different people believe about God through for example stories, buildings and art.


PE: Games and Gymnastics

In PE the children will begin to create their own sequences using the shapes and movements they have been learning in gymnastics. They will have Sports Development working with them in their lessons every other week where they will be focusing on games.


Music: BRASS

During our music lessons the children will have the opportunity to learn how to play a brass instrument with Tameside music service. Music lessons are every Wednesday. If your child would like to take their brass instrument home to practice, a deposit can be paid to the office allowing them to take it home.



In ICT we will be learning about E safety including how to keep safe online, Blogging such as how to leave and comment on blogs on our school webpage and Navigating which will include finding the school website and logging into school apps.


MFL: French

We will be developing our language skills this half term by looking at numbers and the french alphabet. We will learn about France and its culture and also look at Christmas in France.



Every half term the children will receive ‘Take Away Homework’ a menu of homework activities linked to our Topic. If you would like to email us your child’s homework please email to admin@corrie.tameside.schFAO Miss Wood / Mrs Faulkner or Mrs Akhtar.

The children will also be set a piece of maths homework on Active Learn each week and spelling activities on Spelling Shed each week. Your child should have their log is stuck in their homework book. If you do not have access to the internet at home, a worksheet version of the homework will be available.

Home Reading: Reading a school book is part of your homework. Reading books are changed or checked every Wednesday and will be changed on a Monday and Thursday. Your child’s reading diary must be signed before a new book is given and all activities completed (if applicable)

REMEMBER: all homework needs to be completed each week and handed in by each Wednesday to achieve GREEN for Homework in your Assertive Mentoring. If you hand it in on Thursday you will achieve YELLOW and after that you will achieve RED for that week. Homework is a vital part of your child’s learning and school provides homework club every night after school as well as homework support during Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes.


Want more?

You all have an ACTIVE LEARN and Times Tables Rockstar login for other Maths activities, games and multiplication facts practise to enjoy at home online. Please ask an adult to see your teacher for a replacement card if you lose or forget your login. Web links:

You will need to regularly revise the year 2 spelling list and learn the Year 3 spelling lists.

Practicing Spellings At Home

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words

Year 3 Spelling Rules and Examples


Other important information:

  • Please ensure your name is clearly written in all your school uniform. We have a permanent marker if you need to write your child’s name in their jumper etc.
  • Please ensure your correct and full PE kit is in school all week as PE days can change in school (it will be sent home every half term to wash)
  • Bring your reading book and reading diary to school every day. Sometimes a reading volunteer will choose you for extra reading.
  • Please bring a school water bottle every day. Take it home each day and ask your grown up to clean and refill for you.
  • All the equipment you need is supplied for you in school. Please do not bring in your own pencils, rubbers etc from home.
  • PE is on Thursdays and Fridays.


Stone Age girl by Emily

I was hunting for Dears and I found a purple gloomy portole and I stepped into it I ended up in a curious place I walked and then I found a boy I came .up to him I’d never seen him before but he grabbed my hand the boy took me to meet his family and I new his name his name was.Oliver when it was the next day I went to this school place and when it was break time we went on a climbing thing and I kept jumping of it .but there was a .sores under it Oliver gave me a friend ship necklace when it was home time we went to this football place we had to kick a ball and Oliver past the ball to me and I kikked the ball in the net.and Oliver kikked the ball at me and I passed out and everything was dark and when I woke up I was in my tent and I went outside and told my family but nobody believed me hmm I said maybe it was just a dream or maybe not I still had the friend ship necklace.


Stone Age girl by Zoha

Finally I got out of the vehicle and looked around  I coulden’t believe it I was flabbergasted .Then I followed Max to the facepainting it was exciting I couldn’t wait I wanted a Lepord facepaint .After that Max and I went to buy cottencandy itwas so sweet and surgery!Next we went on a roller couster I felt sick but it was fun,next we went to a race and I WON!!!

Stone Age boy by Tilly

An interesting thing once happen to me. I was hunting in the magical woods and I saw a glowing light in the disternst so I walked slowly to it.When I got there I saw a stange shape in the ground.I opened it carefully and I plummeted into a weird tunnel and I went down,down,down.I saw a boy but he had some cool coloured things on his eyes and behind me I saw lots of rectangles going upward and it had a huge black thing’s on the huge thing I saw.I couldn’t tell what it was?He took me into his house.