My favourite place in Denton

My Favourite Place in Denton By Alfie Sugden 4D


My favourite place in Denton is the fountains also known as Civic Square.

When I was 3, in the summer I decided to run fully clothed through the fountains. I thought it was very funny but I don’t think my mum was to impressed having to chase me through the water.

I like the fountains as there is nothing else like it at all in Denton. It is a really popular place where you can sit down in the sunshine and enjoy your day and watch the pigeons playing in the water.






In my kagan group we have been learning about Wilson hat factory. On Monday 14 january at Wilson’s hat factory a major explosion occurred in which 13 people were killed, 12 were severely injured and 39 received minor injuries. The explosion occurred in the proofing department, which was totally destroyed ,and two planking shops were also damaged. It it understood that the explosion was caused by the ignition of vapour arising from methylated spirit that formed part of a process for dyeing hat bodies.The report of the explosion was heard for miles around and in the immediate location the Shock wave felt like an earthquake. Windows of nearby homes were shattered and some residents were thrown violently from there chairs.                                                               Skye kay 

Joshua’s Quizlet

Take a look at Josh’s Quizlet he made for his homework:

See how many questions you can answer!

Our Vlogs all about Denton

In year 4 we have been exploring our local area. We enjoyed riding along on our virtual tour of Denton to find out all about the hot spots for history and entertainment.

We then worked in our Kagan groups to explore one of these brilliant land marks in further detail to create a vlog about these hidden gems.

Take a look!

Waters of the world

This term our class is learning about waters of the world, my blog is about how rain is formed.

Rain is formed when water is warmed up from a river, a stream, the sea or the ocean, where it rises into the atmosphere, it then cools down and forms tiny droplets through something which is called condensation. These droplets are then held in what we know as a cloud. When the cloud gets too heavy it will then start to rain.

After it has rained the water cycle will happen again.


By Alfie Sugden 4D

Victoria Park

In our class we are learning about Denton and we are doing about our favourite hidden gems of Denton. In our kagan group we picked Victoria Park. We had to do research to find out facts about Vitoria Park like, the Band Stand has been there since 1914 after World War 1, and it stands on an eight sided dome, in 2007 there was a big celabration for the re-opening of the Band Stand.  Victoria Park cost £6750 to build which was a lot of money in those days, also in the park is the War Memorial which was built in 1921 to remember all the soldiers from Denton that died in the war. When we had done our research we found pictures of Victoria Park and put them on a slide show using I Movie, then we used green screen and videoed ourselves making a vlog all about what we had learnt about Victoria Park, by using green screen and the pictures we had found it made it look like we were in Victoria Park .  I am really looking forward to learning more about different hidden gems of Denton.


Jessica Clegg


The River Tame in Denton!

Last week our class 4D went to the River Tame and found out some amazing facts for example there used to be a mine next to the River Tame! So ever since then I found out a few more facts about it:

Most of the Rivers catchment lies on the western flank of the pennines .The named River starts as compensation flow (that is, a guaranteed minimum discharge) from Readycon Dean Reservoir in the moors above Denshaw .The source is a little further North, just over the country in west Yorkshire, close to the Pennine Way.




Niamh Brett 4D


The river Nile is the longest river in the world it flows through Egypt and 10 other countries its 6,835km long. All rivers have a source and a mouth. The source is the start of the river and the mouth is the end of the river. The mouth is usually into the sea. A river has mostly fresh water in it. All have an upper, middle and lower course. There is something called river channel all rivers flow in channels and on the bottom of the channels is a bed. A river grows more and more as it collects water.
Matthew 4D

Rivers and lakes in Goa, India

In this part of India there are nine rivers. All of the nine rivers flow out of Western Ghat and run into the Arabian sea. Forty two smaller tributaries join them. Then forming a large system of inland waters of Goa called here “backwards”.

The largest rivers are Sal, Tiracol, Chapora, Baga, Mandovi, Zuari, Saleri, Talpona and Galgibaga. Among them only basins of the rivers Mandovi and Zuari occupy the area of 2553 square km. That makes about 70%of the general geographical zone of Goa. The navigable rivers of Goa with a general length of 253 km are the main blood vessels of the state and the integral part of its life.

To “backwaters” system of Goa belong also some large and great numbers of small lakes. The best known are Mayem, Carmbolim, Cutorim.


Niamh  4D