French day

Boujour mom nom est malachi
Last Tuesday it was French day.
We learn a fairy tale called Trois petits Cochons (three little pigs) and we preformed it on an iMovie . Tete,epaule,Les genoux et les orteils (heads,shoulders,knees and toes). 5w learnt a potato song called un patate about body parts.

By Malachi 5w

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Survivor – Learning to read a map by Skyla Myatt

Reading a map is an essential outdoor skill. The ability to relate to what’s around you with what is displayed on a map is a vital skill. You should learn this first before using a compass. Compass navigation skills come later once you have a good understanding of maps. A map is nothing more than squiggles and symbols, so you should learn some basic symbols. Symbols like how roads are shown, footpaths, streams and rivers, wooded areas and contour lines.

Once  you have mastered the ability to observe what is around you to what the map is showing, you will be able to find where you are. You will also be able to look at the map and see what the terrain is like further ahead on your route. A compass can be used once you can read a map competently !

French day

Bonjour !

Last Tuesday it was French day for the whole school,

we learnt our body parts in French example :Les genoux ,un Bouche . We also learnt a fairy tale called Trois petit  Cochons ( The Three little pigs )and preformed it on iMovie before we started to perform it we practised it first  then we went into the cloak room to perform .we also practised a song about our body’s after we did that we learnt another French song called une patate .

by Isabelle 5w

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Chaperon Rouge by Elizabeth

Dashing through the mysterious,woods the young girl was surrounded by colossal trees and music of beautiful birds. Anxious, she walked across a neglected bridge over to the stream. After racing, she arrived at a deserted, lonely village full of abandoned houses, once alive with joyful villagers. Cautiously, she carried on walking through the mysterious forest. The moon was like an eye pursuing the girl deeper into the unknown. The forest turned to darkness. She lit a fire… As the blood – crumbling flames danced in the cold, the girl drifted of to sleep.

Chaperon Rouge

Slowly, she backed up against the rocks, she started looking for danger. The light behind started to dim and a crowd of silhouettes closed around her like curtains. Cautiously,she turned around , behind her were big bad wolves staring right at her. Quickly,she ran,racing through the forest as the wolves chased her down.

By Paige 5W

Chaperon Rouge By Millie 5W

Slowly, she backed up against the fragile wall and glared around her in despair. Unexpectedly, a towering, malicious shadow formed into the jaws of a wolf. She turned. As quick as a flash, she dashed, sprinted and raced across the rocky floor as the wolves got closer. The girl got quicker. Closer. Quicker. Snap! With their jaws closing behind her she raced whilst gasping for air to breathe. She got to the edge of the cliff… She skidded. And tripped. Her heart was beating like a drum. With beads of fear sweating down her face,she turned around. She saw nothing. Was it a dream? …

In the distance, she saw the outline of the castle like a blurred image. She approached the the stairs of the castle, calmly she wondered up them. Everything was silent, she was safe, she entered the building. All of a sudden, a blood red mist filled  the air and the door transformed into large jaws of a wolf. Snap!…

Chaperon Rouge Extract by Finley 5W

Unexpectedly, she looked around and backed up against the cold and fragile wall. She heard a noise. Her eyes searched around for anything dangerous. There was nothing, nothing at all. The noise came again, but it was louder. She started running. She ran as fast as she could hoping that she wouldn’t get clamped by the wolves. Beads of sweat which resembled fear flown into a river track helping the wolves to follow her. One very confident wolf tried to go for her. SNAP!! It missed. She came to a halt as there was a really rocky and steep mountain. There they came. WHAM! She fell. The world was in a blurry haze as she waddled over to the lonely castle that she could barely see. She approached the abandoned castle. As soon as she entered the castle, she sensed safety. Surely she would be safe right? Suddenly  a wave of red vapour filled the air. The doorway transformed into a wolf very shyly. She looked behind her. BAM!! She was caught…

chaperon Rouge by kaiden year5

The blood curdiling vapour  began to enclose the forest path. The trees began to fade into the threatening picture of a petrifying wolf. Shining in the smoke,was an inflamed red eye which appeared out of the darkness. The wolves slithered through the ancient ruins of a village. The wolves were creeping as they got closer to the girl. Gasping in fear, she awoke. Trembling the girl collected her bag.she was sweating in dread as she backed against the wall.

Cautiously,she backed up against a wall as she heard a crackiling noise. Suddenly, a menacing shadow appeared above her and transformed into the shape of a imtimadating wolf. She gulped and then ran as she sprinted through the ruins of the village as the wolves hunted her down. She looked around her surroundings and saw the devious wolves behind her.

She ran through the forest as the wolves ganged up on her.SNAP! The wolves jaws reached out to swallow her whole. They began to multiply as the wolves were like magnets attrackting to each over as they stalked her. She came to a stop,she skidded. Her heart was pounding. The girl took a glance behind her. SNATCH! The wolves tried to get a bite out of her. She ran as they got closer. And closer. The girl climbed up some rocks and in the horizon there was a castle. Apprehensively,the girl walked up the majestic stairs. Slowly,the girl walked through the door. Carefully,the girl walked on and then…SNAP! Was it all a dream?


Chaperon Rouge by Enya

A ruby red scarlet vapour began to blend in with the sun set in the coal frosty night sky . Slowly it smothered into the ominous, threatening figure of a wolf . The eye was like the sun burning a scoring, hole into the darkness. The two wolves slithered across the cherry floor as they were ready to cause some trouble. Gasping in fear she brought her Mind back to the spine chilling world. Her heart was pounding like a basketball bouncing on the floor as she struggled for air , her heart was pounding BOOM BOOM BOOM as she picked up her leather bag . Slowly, she pushed herself back to the stone wall her face turned as her face sweated . Cautiously, without warning a cold sinister gloomy shadow towered over her head and transformed into a vicious wolf . She came to a stop . She gasped. And shaked . She skidded down the steep hill passing the rocks . Her heart was pounding. She turned her head her head was sweating with balls of sweat she came to a stop she felt sick . She walked up the steep steps she walked slowly. Nervously slowly creaked through the castle she took a deep breath she was safe at last . Before she knew it the door came alive . Red fume strangled the castle . Like a struck of lightning. A violent SNAP !!!! The wolf had swallowed her forbidden soul . Was this all a dream ???????