Grand Designs – Famous Landmarks in Manchester

We have been learning about Grand Designs, which includes famous landmarks around the world. I thought it would be interesting to find out what famous landmarks there are in my home city of Manchester.

I found that Manchester has many landmarks, a lot of them I have never even seen or visited !

Here are some of them –

Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Museum of Science and Industry, Imperial War Museum, Albert Square, Manchester Arena, Manchester Cathedral, Etihad Stadium, National Football Museum, Chinatown, Manchester Art Gallery, St Ann’s Square, Manchester Museum, Beetham Tower, Hat Works, Victoria Baths, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester United Museum and Stadium, John Rylands Library and National Football Museum.

I have only visited the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Arena, St Ann’s Square and Piccadilly Gardens. I would like to try and visit more of these landmarks in the future !

By Skyla Myatt, 5T



Grand designs

This year we have been learning about grand design. We are learning how to make a building ,its not just get cardboard and glue and sticking them together, you have to draft it what material you are going to use my group are going to do a theater. Also for hone work we get a grand design we can do poems, draw, colour and label ,make a building which I am doing at the moment and lots more. Hopefully our grand design goes well

Grand designs by Taylor

.The Taj Mahal is a famous mallsoleum in India

. A mallsoleum is a building that contains burial chambers.

. The Taj Mahalnis lockated in Agra, a city in the littar parades region of northern India.

. It was built as the final resting place for mumtez Mahal, the third wipe of Mughal emperor shah Jaham.

. The name Taj Mahal means ” crown of places.

. Construction took around 20 years , from 1632 to 1653.

Grand designs by millie

Facts about the Burj Kalifha

1. Did you know that the Burj kalifha is the is the tallest building in the world?

2. The Burj kalifha stands at a great 828 metres.

3. The Burj kalifha is in Dubai United Arab Emirates .

4. The Burj kalifha has more than 160 stories!!!

5. Did you know that it has the fastest lift ever , which goes 10 metres per second?

6. Did you know that 12000 workers worked on the building everyday?

7. The Burj kalifha is not classed as a modern wonder of the world.

Grand design by Isabelle

Facts about the 7 wonders

*colosseum fun facts

*It is widely believed that the colosseum was the biggest and grandest amphitheatre .

*The construction started in 70 BC and did not finish during vespassians reign”.

*Colosseum was built after Roman victory In first Roman – Jewish war .

* It’s built by stones and concrete it had four main floors with eight arches each

*Height : 157 feet

perimeter :1788

Seating for people :87,000

*And also did you know that it’s one of the seven modern wonders of the world .

Grand designs. By Rija 5T

This week we learnt about different architects who designed some of the famous buildings, like Frank Ghenry, Gustave Eiffel,Ustad Ahmed and lots more.We did a poster about them and their designs.We wrote facts about their childhood and what happened when they grew up. Most of these architectures are still standing today, e.g Eiffel Tower,Taj Mahal,Burj khalifa and many more. All of these buildings are all around the world like the Pyramid of Giza which is the only one standing because the others were destroyed.


The amazing art competition By Fraser 5W

On Thursday 8 of February  me ,Noah,Blessing,Araj,Skyla,Rija,Emma and Jacob went to an art competition at Srockport Grammar School.We were showcasing our self portrait’s.They were 17 schools so it was a big honour to go. It started at 6:30 and ended at 7:00 it was fun we got free hot chocolate and free cookies and flapjacks.There were 1st 2nd and 3rd. And out of everybody I won.I won a deluxe art set  a sketch book and some pastels


5W class assembly

On Friday 19th of January we had our class assembly and it was all about the Elizabethan age where Queen Elizabeth reigned on the throne for 40 YEARS! In our assembly we had different stages the William Shakespeare times the sir Francis drake times we also played Tudor take me out and I was paddy mugginess also we had auditions in the globe theater. Then we invited parents back for tea and toast and to show off our books.

Noah J

5Ws school play

On Friday 19 January 5W performed a Tudor play for our class assembly.

We learned all about Queen Elizabeth 1 when she was on the throne with her privy council, we also learned about Sir Francis Drake and we also learned about William Shakespeare. We performed a short play to show what we had learnt to our grown ups.


Hope 5W