Chaperon rouge by Gabriella Jones

Strolling,through the forrest of towering,jade trees ,she looked around the hypnotising bird songs.Inquisitivly,the girl wondered over to an slowly decaying ,bridge where the sound of swaying water surrounded her ears.As the girl happily skipped down into an ancient,abandoned city.Slowly ,turned her head as she strolled and wondered about. The day began to turn to night and the moon was like an eye staring at the girl studding her every move. Night came. The fire started to crackle and the flames began to roar … She began to drift off to sleep In to one of her phenomenal dreams she began to sleep. 

Chaperon Rouge by Jessica

Cautiously her eyes darted around the room as she backed up to the derelict fragile wall as she carefully stood up . She looked above her in fear . As a dark sinister shadow formed above her . She ran as quickly as her legs could take her . She dashed ,raced and flew through the forest like an eagle. Then. The wolves multiplyed into hundreds of wolves and soon they were everywhere. She was gasping for breath her legs were trembling. Could she go on ? Bravely she carried on as the wolves tried to to wrap their teeth around her. Her legs trembled as she got closer to the edge. She fell on to a cold rock her heart beating rapidly . Where were they ? They were gone.

Shaking , she slowly got up and she saw in the distance a hazy outline of a castle . She glared at the historic castle and started to walk up the old steps . As she walked up to the top hopping she was safe As she slowly tiptoed through the stone arch way a rose mist engulfed the Castle The arch way turned Ito the shape of a jaw suddenly snap !!!

Chaperon Rouge by Lincoln

Crack! As the girl backed up, she heard the ancient, drerelict wall crack behind her. She gasped. As a mountainous, towering shadow rose over her. She looked over her shoulder and saw a sinister shadow of a wolf following her every step. Gasping, she raced and bolted as fast as her vibrating legs could take her to safety. Snap! She jumped and ran for her life. She fell. But when she turned around they weren’t there. Where did they go?

Was she safe? As her heart pounded in her ribs, she raised her head and saw a historic antiquated castle standing proudly. As she strolled up the stairs, she admired the forest and thought she was safe. As she entered the mouth of the castle, she was surrounded in darkness. A wave of red vapour enclose the castle and the mouth turned into a wolf’s jaw. Rapidly the jaws leaped up and ate the girl. Snap! 

Chaperon rouge by Isabelle

Carefully,she retreated back against th fragile,pearl wall.A sinister shadow loomed over her.The shadow of the wolf chased through the forest,over roots,under the dark canopy of trees and over rocks.Her pace accelerated.The wolf snapped.She was swiftly moving,dashing,sprinting,running for her life.Eyes wide with horror.Her heart skipped a beat.Her whole body was quivering,the wolves multiplied.She jumped, rolled and carried on.Snap!Narrowly,the wolf’s jaw missed her as she ran,up and carried on.Her foot was misplaced.She fell on the gleaming rocks,her heart beating like an out of control drum.Attentivly,her eyes scanned the forest around her for the deadly wolf.Could she carry on? function get.

Chaperon rouge by Kaci-Lea

Gliding cautiously through the maze of the collossal,jade trees, she gazed around her around her surroundings deep down into the heart of the misty forest.curiously, she daudled over and ancient bridge as the sweet-sounding birds lead her further in. Eventually, she reached the demolished, derelict and abandoned ruins of a village once filled with joy and happiness. With fear she stared around the deserted place . The moon shone down on her like a wolves eye,stalking every move.Darkness fell.she lit the fire… It went silent, she fell into a dreamy sleep.😴

Chaperon rouge by Kelci-Leigh

Calmly, she packed up her belongings desperate to go. She leaned back onto a fragile,antient wall. Step by step. A sinister shadow hovered above her.As quick as a flash,she raced,sprinted and ran away from a real life nightmare. She ran quicker as the shadows came closer. Quicker. Closer. Quicker. Closer. The shadow of the wolf chased her through a canopy of trees,rocks,tree roots,leaving a trail of dismay as each tree slowly morphed into a blood thirsty wolf. Can she go on? Wolves began to multiply,breathing got heavier,wolves came closer. Her eyes widened with horror her heart skipped a beat. Her foot was misplaced making her end in a tumble. Like a drum her heart was beating quicker and quicker by the minute. She looked behind her… nothing was there. Was it all a dream? Where did they go? 

Chaperon Rouge by Zwa

Panicking,she backed onto the gray stone wall.Suddenly,a shadow appeared over taking the form of a wolfs jaw.she raced sprinted and bolted through the cloudless forest.The wolves multiplied every step she took.Closer.Quicker.Closer.She ran as fast as she could.Snap!It missed.She jumped down the mountain hoping she could escape from the Black shadows.Was it all a dream or was it real?She questioned.Thump!She ended up on top of some rocks.Her heart beated like a drum.In the corner of her eye,in the distance she could see a grand castle on top of a mountain which seemed safe.She walked into the castle cautiously.The doorway took the form of a sharper toothed wolf.Crimson vapour filled the air and with a……SNAP!She was gone.

Chaperon Rouge by Bluebelle Parker

Without hesitation,she backed up against the delicate wall.She saw a haunting shadow.The frightening shadow started to crack ferociously.She ran as fast as her legs could carry her.The vicious creatures started to multiply.Snap!The wolf tried to grab her rosy coat.She bolted past it.She ran up the insecure log.Jump!Roll! She ran up the rocks.Snarl! She fell. Rapidly,her heart began to get faster,faster,faster. Slower,slower,slower. Suddenly,the girl looked around her,her eyes darted around the wondrous forest.Were they gone? Was she finally safe? The frightened girl looked around the forest to see if the wolves were around her. Or not. Without waiting, she ascended up the stairs . Walking,walking,walking. She finally approached the castle. It was dark and cold. Where was everyone? She stepped out of the daylight. Knocking,knocking,knocking. Crimson red vapour engulfed the room. The door way and a snapping jaw.SNAP! The girl was gone! 

Chaperon Rouge by Honey

A haze of blood- red vapour smothered the peaceful forest. The trees deteriorated and faded into the blood – curdling shape of a wolf. The glow and glare of a red eye incinerated the night sky. Like a viper, the wolf crept through the abandoned village leaving a track of demolition in it’s path. Others started to awake and join. She woke up. Gasping for breath, her heart skipped a beat. Every hair stood to attention as her eyes looked in every corner. Without hesitation, the girl backed to the wall in desperation. She saw a shadow beneath her and it opened. The girl ran through the forest as fast as her legs could carry her. Every step she took the shadows multiplied. The wolves snapped behind her. Faster. Closer. The wolves appeared everywhere. It was a dead end. She jumped off the unsteady log, but still the shadows followed her. She bolted, raced and shot like a dart through the forest. She climbed up the rocks and skidded. Her heart was beating like a drum. She looked behind her, the wolves had gone. Or so she thought? 

Lego Mayan temple

in last weeks topic lesson we got to make Mayan pyramids out of Lego and we also had a compation for how’s was the best,me and my team made a pyramid and a house.for the pyramid or temple we had to get the big blocks and stack them up and to make the house we had to get a wall sort of thing and build round it.