Lillian Gilbreth by Honey Van Assen


Lillian Gilbreth was born in 1878 into a big family of nine children.  She graduated from University of California, Berkeley, with master’s in literature. She met Frank Gilbreth in the middle of completing  her PhD at Brown University. She was intrigued by his obsession with workplace efficiency and switched from literature to psychology. Her dissertation, ‘ The Psychology of Management’, was the first study of how relationships affect us at work. Together, Lillian and Frank ran a consultancy. They would study a simple task, such as bricklaying or carrying tools, and break the motions down to the most essential steps to make the workers’ jobs quicker. They also wrote many books about motion and fatigue. Often, only Frank’s name would appear on their work because publishers thought a male author would appear more authorative – even though Lillian was the psychologist. When Frank died in 1924, Lillian took charge of the company. Many of her clients did not want a woman telling them how to run factories, so Lillian focused on homemakers instead. Back then, it was common for women to spend all day cooking and cleaning. Lillian applied ergonomics and motion studies to make housewives’ tasks easier. She created new tools and new layout for kitchens that cut work time down from a day to only a few hours. It gave women more time pursue exciting interests. Lillian Gilbreth’s designs are all around us. Whether it’s the ergonomic layout of your desk or the ‘ work triangle’ that determines the distance from the sink to the hob, her designs have been integrated into our daily lives.

Anderson Shelters by Javade

In ww2  air raid shelters were essential to people in Britain there were three main shelters Anderson Shelters , Morrisons Shelters and public shelters. the first anderson shelter was made on 25th of Febuary 1938 and they were made from corruragated steel sheets these shelters were not bomb proof from a direct hit however they were blast proof . These shelters were not made to be sound proof or nice and warm either.



Anderson shelters by Bluebelle

All about air raid shelters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Anderson shelter was an air raid shelter designed to hold  up to six people. It was designed in 1938 by William Paterson and Oscar Carl  Kerrison .The Anderson shelter was named after Sir John Anderson.In 1938 the British Prime Minister Nevill  Chamberlian placed Sir John Anderson in charge of the air raid shelters. Anderson worked with an engineer called William Patterson to design and ball a small, inexpensive air raid shelter that people could build in their garden.The first Anderson shelter was built in 1939. It was built in a garden in Islington, London on February 25, 1939.Over 1.5 million Anderson shelters were given out before the start of WWII . They were made  between February 1939 and the start of the Second World War that September. The shelters were given to people in areas that were at risk of being bombed by the Germans.Anderson shelters were free for people who earned less than £250 per year. For those who earned more could an Anderson shelter for £7.The shelters were very easy to build. Anderson shelters were made from six corrugated steel panels that were curved and bolted together at the top.Also you had to construct your own shelter. The corrugated sheets made them extra strong against compressive force and was perfect for protecting from nearby bomb explosions.A lot of people dug up the old shelters when the war ended to use them as garden sheds. This could include growing flowers or vegetables on the roof.UK bombings on German cities killed about 500,000 people but because of Anderson shelters German bombs killed 90% less — around 50,000. This shows just how effective the Anderson shelters were.Only 27% of people in London used Anderson shelters according to a 1940 survey. 9% slept in public shelters and 4% slept in underground railway stations. 60% of people were on duty at night or just slept in their own homes.

I hoped you learned something that you didn’t know and I hope you enjoy the rest of the day.Bye

Children in World War Two by Jessica 6L.

During WW2 life changed for everyone including children , for many it was a period of family separation. Nearly two million children were evacuated from their homes , they were evacuated to places like the countryside where there was hardly any bombing. When children were evacuated they had a label attached to them with there names on it as if they were parcels some children were separated from their brothers and sisters going to completely different houses. At school children had to take regular gas drills so that if a gas attack ever did happen they knew what to do, they found these drills hard to take seriously as they laughed every time the rubber made weird noises. When a gas mask drill happened the children would all gather in the hall and the head teacher would time how long it took for them to put on their gas masks. If a real air  raid happened the children would be taken to the school shelter where the teachers would  read them stories to try and keep the children calm. As every child from a tiny baby to a teenager had to carry a gas mask with them the government thought that children under 5 years of age would be scared of the gas masks so  they designed a special one with mickey mouse on it .

I am really enjoying this topic and cant wait to learn more .

Jessica 6L .

King Kong by Ellis

Last night, at approximately 11pm, New York City was a scene of devastation as residents were dashing rapidly through the disloyal streets of Times Square, pushing and shoving each other and screaming with fright, as a gargantuan, gruesome gorilla uncontrollably went on the rampage….

Screams of fear appeared to be coming from the beast’s direction and one eye-witness announced that it was in fact elegant actress ‘The face of Beauty’ Ann Darrow, who was responsible for this bedlam throughout the city. City work Jamie Longcroft was appalled at the sound and said ‘As I looked up to see where this screeching was coming from, I noticed a young lady desperately trying to break from this imperious brutes clutches.’

The arrival by Mia D 6T

Searching for a story with those little fairy princesses and a joyful family perfectly provided for with the usual happy ever after ending,then maybe the book that you are holding up in your hands just isn’t for you. A more wise decision would be to go to the library and choose one of those fairy tales that include the mythical beasts-not one so mundane. This story tells the struggle of everyday life and the challenges that people wake up to face.One thing is for certain,this book will make you sit up and listen, a book worth your time…

The Arrival-Harrison

As the man and the rest of the passengers sat outside their cabin in the icy-cold country, he noticed an ominous, depression looking a like cloud. As he arrived in the beautiful country, he got to see the marvellous sculpture. When he arrived in the foreign country he had to take  a million tests and every time he passed the test, he got a sticker. He eventually got a stamp on his passport saying he was allowed in the country. When he took a tiny step in the new country he thought he was in heaven. Everything was bright- not mundane like his old country. He was lost in the humongous city. He didn’t feel like he belonged here. He asked plenty of people but they didn’t know the way to his apartment. Then he eventually found it…

The Arrival Paragraph Three by Ellis 6T

As the man woke up, he could sense the smell of something weird. As he pulled back his covers he saw it; the snake and mouse creature. He felt a strange tingle and he knew it was his depression. He got dressed and headed into the city. Out of nowhere, he bumped into a young woman who looked kind and friendly so he asked “Where is the nearest boat?,” he asked she didn’t understand him so she gave him her own ticket and he said “Thank you so much.” As he entered the boat he sat down and talked to this woman about the past. As they talked much more, he knew she had a sad,depressing live,lonely,forced and desperate. As he got off the boat, he looked into the distance- he thought he was lucky that he was here.  After the long walk down the steps, he finally arrived at the markets. He looked at his shopping list and was trying to find the bread. After the long search he found it but the creature was scratching a box full of exotic fruits but after eating this fruit he decided to try some more food. After this he was full up and became friends with the shop owner who said “Come back to my house and have tea?” As they arrived at their house, they had a delicious tea had some fun and he laughed for the first time in a while. He left and headed back to his apartment.

North America by Matthew 6T

This term we have been learning about North America.

  • North America has 50 states. Two of the most famous are New York and California.
  • North America has many great landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Its full of lots of amazing places such as the Panama Canal which is a shiping canal in Panama and Death Valley in California and Nevada. It got its name after a group of explorers got lost and one said goodbye death vally as they climbed out.
  • America has had many Presidents over the years they have all shared the same home called the white house. Constuction  was finished on the 13th October 1792.