North America by Malachi 6L

The population of North America is 579 million. The most popular languages are Engish,French and Spanish. The Area Is 24.71 million km².The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states. North America, the planet’s 3rd largest continent, including 23 countries. here are 9 time zones by law in the USA and its dependencies, however, adding the time zones of 2 uninhabited US territories gives 11 time zones in total. The US has 4 standard time zones. In addition Alaska, Hawaii, and 5 US dependencies all have their own time zones. There is some Caribbean island as well such as  Jamaica, Barbados, Cuba, Saint Lucia,Haiti and some more.

Our trip to Safe Squad by Finley in 6L

We learnt quite a lot at Safe Squad! Like how to stay safe on social media, CPR, The Recovery Position, we learnt about the hazards of objects in your house and a lot more!

CPR & The Doctor’s ABC’s

We learnt about CPR and also The Doctor’s ABC’s. The Doctor’s ABC’s is 6 words in an acrostic poem,

Danger, Response, Shout, Airway, Breathing, Compressions.

The compression is CPR, to do CPR you need to find the sternum and put your hands into a turtle shape with your hands interlocked, then pump at 100PPM (Pumps Per Minute).


How to stay safe on social media.

When you are on famous social media sites, you need to know the age limit, and if you have an account on any social media and you’re under the age limit, you should either delete it, or put on private which means only family/friends can see your posts. Here are the age limits: Tik Tok/, WhatsApp: 13yrs, Facebook:13yrs, YouTube:13yrs and Instagram:13yrs.


How to escape a fire successfully.

First of all, do not pack a bag, for fire to fill a whole house takes only 3 minutes so you will definitely not have time. Second, take as much as you can, as fast as you can. As soon as the fire spreads, you can not go back in which means if you have left a valuable item or even a pet then sadly you will have to leave it…

Crawl on the floor on your way out. It might sound crazy but it is because the smoke starts from above you and slowly makes its was towards the ground.

Finally, as soon as you get out, call 999! Explain (if you know) what started the fire and the exact address of where you live. Tell them the colour of  the door of your house as well.


Thank you for reading my blog and we had a really fun time at Safe Squad!!


-Finley 6L




Our trip to safe squad by Fraser 6L

At the start of the morning we had an instructor called Ben and he told all of the bad sides on the internet like don’t let strangers know all of the information about you like your school your street your house number and your uniform.And he named all of the online games you can play like Xbox /ps4 Tik Tok instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat is extra dangerous because if you  take picture people can find out where you are unless you put ghost mode on.Ben did a test on us to see what we go on and how careful we are on the internet.

So next on the agenda was with 2 police officers called George and Grace and two actors and we had to find out what criminal offence was being made like racism anti social behaviour and we had to describe the criminal.

Also we went with a  worker from Manchester fire brigade. He was talking  about hazards and what would make fire Ike unused strainers coffee over the tv. He also told us to never get your pet if your house is burning unless it right next to you because animals like dogs and cats have natural instinct so they will find their own way out.He said one time someone ran in to get her cat but her cat was in the drive way.And finally we went to learn cpr and the recovery position. In the recovery position you need to look for danger and then put your partners hand on the ground in a high 5 way and put the back of the nearest hand you put on his cheek turn him over carefully and check if he’s breathing.

Safe squad by Malachi 6L

This morning we went to safe squad and I learned that Snapchat has ghost mode. Social media includes tik tok, roblox and YouTube. We learned how to do CPR and the recovery position.If you have a fire at your house, you should leave your pets but if they are in the same room get  them out. If you are blocked in a room close the door till the fire brigade come. If you have YouTube you should never show your address,uniform,school,phone number, post code and face. The grooming has 4 stages 1. Target  2. Try and be good  friends with you 3. Try and make a relationship with you and 4.break the relationship.Tic tok , instagram,  vines,Twitter,Facebook,YouTube,Snapchat,roblox,WhatsApp these are all social media sites!

Our trip to Safe Squad in Hyde by Noah 6L

Today (Wednesday 10th October) we went on a coach to the Youth Club in Hyde where Safe Squad is held. We learned about all sorts of important things like internet safety to C.P.R. Also we had a drama play acted out for us to show anti-social behaviour, racism, sexual harassment and hate crimes. Towards the start, we learnt about cyber bullying, grooming and different types of internet apps like: Snapchat, instagram, tik tok and YouTube. Before we left we did C.P.R. On dummies, which made our palms ache, after that we did some fire safety and hazards to do with fire. We had to find what was wrong with the person’s bed and we spotted a cigarette packet, some hair straiteners left on and an iron with the metal hot part facing down.

Remembrance poem by Summer

Through the mud


Through the trenches they ran and ran for their lives ,

A bullet shot a soldier dies ,

There they lay in the mud when the Sky’s are grey and their families wait and pray,

While their spirits fade away,

A poppy grows that very same day .


A bomb falls

A heart breaks behind the walls,

Another woman cries as another soldier dies.

A gun drops so do those that fight in the war,

Their fingers sore ,

They still carry on,

The families miss them more and more,

As their waiting at the door,

Even those that are poor,

All the soldiers big or small are risking giving up their all .

All the soldiers come together to remember those that always endeavour.


Poppy’s Poppy’s you should know what ever the weather grow,grow,grow.

Year 6 Summer Term 2

This is your child’s last half term in Corrie before they move onto their High schools in September!! It is going to be a very busy and emotional one.

Sports and Health week was wonderful and we all had an amazing time at GoApe in the sunshine.

We have been working so hard on our WW1 Arts Award booklets, which are almost finished.

We are practising hard for our end of year production which will be on Thursday 19th July. We hope that you will be able to come and watch your child act, sing and dance.

In science, we will be working on a unit called- Evolution and Inheritance

They will explore the principal of inheritance, recognising that living things produce offspring of the same kind, but that normally such offspring vary and are not identical to their parents. Children will research how plants and animals are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and they will identify some beneficial adaptations that may lead to evolution. They will explore natural selection.

Working scientifically, children will have had the opportunity to use secondary sources to research and evaluate evidence about evolution and inheritance. Children will have identified scientific evidence that has been used to support or refute ideas or arguments by finding out about the fossil records used by pivotal scientists such as Mary Anning, Alfred Wallace and Charles Darwin.

We will continue to work on our topic of Ancient Greece. The children will learn about many aspects including the Olympics, gods, myths, art, democracy, the theatre.

Homework- Most homework will be connected to our topic from now on, however there may be other types at times. We keep track of the homework and reading on charts in the classroom that are linked to the assertive mentoring scheme that we use in school. In order to achieve a green mark their homework MUST be completed and handed in on WEDNESDAY.

We will continue to do P.E. every Friday, but it is best to keep their kit in all week.. Just a reminder that school P.E. kit comprises of a white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps and if P.E. is taking place outside and the weather is cold, the children are allowed to wear dark jogging bottoms and trainers. All jewellery must be removed for P.E.

We are always available if there is anything that you would like any advice or help with and are happy to address any concerns you might have in what is an exciting, but occasionally daunting year for the children and yourselves.


Mrs. Lynch, Mr. Griffin and Miss Richards


Our world war II interview with Jack by Jedaiah

Today (15/2/18) we were lucky enough to have an interview with a world war two veteran. He finished  school in 1938 at the age of 14. When war broke out he became a mail boy.  When he was 18 he joined the army and became an airplane communicator. He was in the South Africa 12 squadron and helped liberate Italy. He is thankful he was in the 12 squadron because his life was extended. 5 of his squadron members died in the war when a German plane dropped a bomb on their plane. He flew the American B26 Martin Marauder Medium Bomber. He described what it was like in the planes, he said that it was like being in a metal tube. Also the bomb was right in the middle and there were two metal bars to hold on to.  It was very special to speak to a world war II veteran and listen to his experience in the war.By Jedaiah.A

Our visit with a WW2 veteran – Jack by Libby

Today, year 6 met a WW2 veteran who fought for Britain when he was only 18 years old – Jack. He is  nearly 94 now and he still remembers it all very clearly even though it has been quite a long time since then. It was very interesting hearing from someone who was actually there at the time, I think it helped us all understand a bit more what it was actually like for him. It was great,so inspiring. I definitley will be doing some research about the people that f0ught in WW2. Thanks Jack!

By Libby 6L.