Our world war II interview with Jack by Jedaiah

Today (15/2/18) we were lucky enough to have an interview with a world war two veteran. He finished  school in 1938 at the age of 14. When war broke out he became a mail boy.  When he was 18 he joined the army and became an airplane communicator. He was in the South Africa 12 squadron and helped liberate Italy. He is thankful he was in the 12 squadron because his life was extended. 5 of his squadron members died in the war when a German plane dropped a bomb on their plane. He flew the American B26 Martin Marauder Medium Bomber. He described what it was like in the planes, he said that it was like being in a metal tube. Also the bomb was right in the middle and there were two metal bars to hold on to.  It was very special to speak to a world war II veteran and listen to his experience in the war.By Jedaiah.A

Our visit with a WW2 veteran – Jack by Libby

Today, year 6 met a WW2 veteran who fought for Britain when he was only 18 years old – Jack. He is  nearly 94 now and he still remembers it all very clearly even though it has been quite a long time since then. It was very interesting hearing from someone who was actually there at the time, I think it helped us all understand a bit more what it was actually like for him. It was great,so inspiring. I definitley will be doing some research about the people that f0ught in WW2. Thanks Jack!

By Libby 6L.

Interview with Jack wwII by Talana

Today Jack came in school to see year 6 and was talking to us about him in world war 2 so first of all he was saying about the air planes. He went in one but he did not drive one so I asked him how long has he been doing it for in the war. He was 18 when he started .He has 2 children and a wife in his life. When he left he was doing some more jobs but they were not like the war. He had lots of things to show us- a kit for sewing, a bullet so they could keep one to remember the war if he wants to.  How do you feel about the war? He used to be a fighter pilot he does have some cool jobs but he might get hurt. He had some pictures that he showed us- they were pictures of what he was doing in the war, one was for when you finish the war. He is 93 now but this year he is 94. He knows a lot about the war. He told us lots of things. SOS was for to save someones life if they need help, he had this thing to polish your buttons. He was so kind to us because he told us a lot of things .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    by Talana

Jack-World War Two Veteran by Melody 6L

Today we met Jack, a WW2 veteran,and what he told us was very interesting.

He was very nice and his story was very interesting. When he was 14,he left school,he was then a painter\decorator. After that , he told us that he was a bike message sender so when the phone lines were down because of a bomb , Jack would send messages for people. Then he was an R.A.F pilot ,that was his job throughout the war. Jack said, “I have never flown a Spitfire but I did fly a B26 Martin Marauda.”

We asked Jack what was the worst part about being in the war and he said, “Being away from home is the worst part “

We also asked Jack what was the best part about his job and he told us that his favourite part was the crew that he worked with because they helped him get through the hardest times

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jack because if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t be here now so….Thank you Jack:-)

interview with world war 2 veteran (Jack Robertson Millin)By Samuel

Today 15th February 2018 a world war 2 veteran named Jack Robertson Millin came to talk to us about when he was in world war 2. He signed up to be in the war when he was 18 years old.When he was 16 he was a bike messenger. He was born in the year 1924 and is currently 93 years old he has 2 children and and was a plane fighter. He flew a B26 Martin Marauder when he was in the war. He told us there was a gun under the B26 Marauder. He brought in some pins and needles, some pictures and he brought an actual bullet. He even once went to Egypt. Thank you, Jack.


Our interview with a WW2 veteran-by Luca

On Thursday 15th ,we had an interview with a man named Jack.He used to be in-action in WW2. He told us all about his experience and showed us a real bullet and some other things.He was a plane fighter and in his position in the plane let him access a turret;which is a machine gun.He was 15 when he started to train in Egypt and also South Africa and 18 when he actually was in the plane. Him and other people had a special ration which means a certain amount of food that you can buy that week.He still has 3 friends alive who he served with.

Are interview with Jack from WW2 By Emma A

Jack was a WWII veteran and left school at an age of 14 in 1938 . Today (15th  February) we were lucky enough to have Jack come and visit our  school and tell us more about our topic , WWII. At the age 18 he decided to join the Royal Air Force and volunteered as aircrew . He trained as an air gunner for 12 weeks, then went into the war , then came home after 3 years and went into a family business. His food was rationed like everyone else and he still loves to keep in touch with his aircraft friends . Today he brought in many different World War II artifacts and pictures , he even brought in a gun bullet !!!!!!! We are so grateful that we had this first-hand experience and this has made use think more about the war and how dangerous it can be and how much effort that people like Jack have put into the war to save our lives . Thank you Jack for your effort saving our lives and thank you for coming to school ! by Emma A .

interview with Jack from WWII Anais

On Thursday 15th 2018 year6 had a visitor from WWII (Jack,93).He came to talk about life in WWII. He was a veteran and he told us loads of facts which could help  us with our topic. He brought lots of items that we could look at and hold. He left school at the age of 14 and signed up at the age of 18. He brought in some of his certificates. He trained for 12 weeks.He brought a bullet!!!!!.We are very grateful to have the opportunity to meet a veteran from WWII and be able to hold these amazing objects.

Our interview with Jack from WW2 By Freya

On the 15/2/18 year 6 had a visitor from WW2 who came to talk to us for some more information on our WW2 topic. Our visitor was called Jack and he is 93,he told us all about WW2 and we learnt lots of interesting facts that we did not know about until he came. He  left school at the age of 14 to train and at 18 he volunteered to be in the air force as part of the air crew. He brought us some items to look at like some photos and certificates and lots of artefacts. He trained  for 12 weeks in south Africa. He also brought in a bullet !!!!! He had to fly in a B26 Martain Marauder !! When he was on the plane for 3 years he was set to rationing food! When he was in the plane he was in it with 5 other people.We are very grateful for having our visitor from WW2 – an experience which many people will never be able to see.THANK YOU JACK for all you have done for our country.

Our interview with a WW2 veteran (Jack Robertson Millin) By Lola

Today,Thursday 15th February,a veteran from WW2(Jack Millin ) come to Year 6 to talk about his experience in the war. Jack left school by the age of 14 to train for war and volunteered as aircrew in the Royal Air Force at the age of 18. He trained as an Air Gunner and served in the 12 squadron South African Air Force Italy. Jack flew in a twin engine American B26 Martin Marauder Medium bomber while in the war. He showed some photos and showed us his medals from the war.We asked him some questions and here are some answers: he didn’t get injured which is very lucky,he had to eat ration rood,he was in the war for 3 years,he has no horrible flash backs but every time he hears a bang he thinks it’s a bomb from his experience,he did not see anything he did not want to see,the best part about the war was his crew and he still has friends from the war. He also told us a quote: ‘Life is to live and help others.’ It was a pleasure for Jack to come in Year6 and tell us about his life in war.