American presidents by Lincoln 6L

North America has had a lot of presidents and they have had over 50 presidents in their time. The first ever president they have had was John Hanson and he was president for 1 year from 1781-1782. He was born April 14 1721 and died November 15 1783 in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The president they have now is Donald Trump and he was born 14 June 1946 and he is 73 years old. He became the president January 20 2017.


Safe squad by javade 6L

This morning y6 went to Safe squad in Hyde, the first thing we learnt in our groups was about digital safety and grooming  then we moved on to the next activity where two of the staff were doing scenes to show us examples of anti-social behaviour and after the scene the three police staff two from Ashton police station and one from Hyde station went through it with us – there were three scenes in total -. So then we moved on to the next two activities for this one our class (the blue team ) got split into two groups so while one group did CPR and how to help people who are unconscious,the other did fire hazards in our bedroom and how we can prevent a fire from starting . And then we went back to our wonderful school.




Safe Squad by Jessica 6L

This morning Year 6 went to Safe Squad in Hyde . We learnt about all the dangers that might occur these days and especially going in to High School . First we learnt about the dangers in internet and did a quiz all about it , after that we went to a couple of scenes where actors performed all about Anti-social behaviour around the streets they talked about stealing , the dangers being on our own , bullying , disrespect and homophobic language. Then my class were split up into 2 different groups and  one talked about spotting the danger hazards that could make a fire in a bedroom it was amazing how many things could cause a fire ,thenthey other group was all about CPR and learning that if someone faints how to help them and turn them over safely without hurting us or them. Year 6 had an amazing time and we learnt so much and loved going it was a very fun and serious experience.


Safe Squad by Kelci

Today year 6 went to safe squad and learnt about how to keep ourselves and others safe in several ways. We voted on questions such as, do you have social media?,on a special remote.We also learnt about the different stages of grooming and the dangers of it. We also watched a variety of different scenarios on various types of hate crimes, bullying,disrespect and homophobic language. Next,we learnt how to put our partners in the recovery position and how to preform CPR on a mannequin. Finally we learnt about different types of hazards in the bedroom such as,iron on the bed,blanket on a heater and many more.We had a lot of fun at Safe Squad and recommend it for other children and adults as it can help for the future.

Safe squad by Jan 6L

Year 6 went today to Safe squad and we learnt about digital safety, then we learnt about anti-social behaviour hate crimes and I loved that  part when we learnt about bullying, disrespect and homophobic language. And then we learnt about hazards in bedrooms which is very dangerous. Then last we did CPR how to help others and it was fun. I recommend you to go to safe squad because it could come in handy and be very useful for your future.

Safe squad by Marko 6L

This morning year6 went on a school trip to safe squad it was in Hyde.First we went to digital safety we were asking questions about thing we should not go on . And we saw a video who got bullied by do people and she didn’t go to school. Next we went to the anti social behaviour and they where acting out and bullying other people.

Safe squad by Lincoln 6L

This morning, year 6 went to Safe Squad in Hyde. The first activity we did was digital safety and they told us about how to stay safe on online games no social media. They also told us about grooming and how serious it can become. The second activity we did was to watch all the crimes no dangers you can encounter out on the streets and in public. We found out that there is multiple dangers that can happen in the streets there is ; anti-social behaviour, hate crime, bullying, disrespect and homophobic language. The third activity we did was looking out for hazards in the bedroom that can cause fires. We looked around to see any hazards that can damage and burn things in your house. The last activity was to do CPR to save a life. First be we check for a response,then we tilt their head and lift their chin up to open their air ways. Then we call 999 to get some help. Last but not least we put our hands in the middle of the chest and push down until someone arrives to help or when you can’t go on any longer. We all enjoyed the trip and found it very helpful and interesting.


Safe squad written by Zwa 6L

Today 6L and 6T went on a trip called Safe sqaud and learnt about online dangers,dangers in the street,at school and at home.Our first activity was learning about being safe online for exsample we talked about sharing information online and changing facts about ourselves.we learnt that you shouldnt be filming outside your house because you could accidently get information about where you live in the shot for your  video and how you should tell someone when your in bad situations.After that session we went to an acting session which showed us real life problems what might even happen on our streets.We learnt about many crimes which even you might not know its a crime like,racisim,name calling,spitting and other things people might do everyday.For a last two sessions we first learnt about CPR and helping people when their unconsious before the ambulance come.Our last session was about keeping safe in a fire and ways to prevent starting a fire.

safe squad by bailey

Today Year6 had went to safe squad in Hyde.We have learned not to speak or take pictures online and post them to random people and to use ghost mode on settings in snap chat because it will show a map where you are.We also have learned not to take things from people that had stolen something because it means you are joining in so you will get in trouble too.We have also learned the dangers of a fire hazard which is leaving the heater on when there is something on it,because it will cause it to burn then spread spark to spark.We had also learned that you shouldn’t  listen to people if they try to encourage you to do things that you shouldn’t do. And we have learned how to do C.P.R.