Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to Year 4! The team in Year 4 are really looking forward to meet you all and begin our learning journey together. Have a look through below to find out a little about what we will be exploring this half term.


This half term we will be delving into two narratives, the first is ‘Meerkat Mail’ which written by the talented Emily Gravett. We will follow Sunny on his journey meeting his mongoose relatives whilst he tries to find the perfect habitat for him. Through this text we will be learning different ways to organise our writing, for example, using tools such as paragraphing and subheadings. We will also be beginning to develop our research skills to be able to write quality, interesting non-chronological report to help Sunny find out more about his family.

The second text we will be interrogating is ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’ by Shirley Hughes. The narrative begins in 1939, London, introducing the brave and gentle Lenny who’s father has just left to help the British Army in the second World War. We listen to Lenny describe his experience during the war and how he tries to escape from the sad reality. We will be studying Shirley’s use of speech, description and structure of a narrative to inspire our own historical narrative.

This year we will be working hard to improve our spelling and will be a huge focus within our morning work and woven within many other curriculum areas. As the Year 4 team, we strongly recommend that children practise the many common exception words and spelling rules for Year 3 and 4. If spelling is an particular area that your child wants to improve, please use the word lists and suggested spelling games below.

Practising Spellings At Home

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words

Year 3 Spelling Rules and Examples

Year 4 Spelling Rules and Examples


This half term we will be sharpening our fluency skills. Within the Year 4 mathematics curriculum, it is crucial that the children become fluent with their times tables up to 12 and a range of number facts, such as pairs that total 100, halves and doubles and counting in multiples of 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 and 1000. Consolidation of this mathematical knowledge will help the children access and begin to master other areas of the Year 4 curriculum, for example fractions,  units of measurements, problem solving and reasoning.

Therefore, please make the most of your child’s Times Table Rockstar account to strengthen their knowledge of the times tables and see their rock status grow!


The children also have accounts for Active Learn where they can revise and apply their knowledge through tasks that cover the entire Year 4 curriculum. All activities can be accessed when using a laptop or desktop. However, some are limited when using a tablet or an iPad.



Electricity is the first topic we will be exploring in Science. We will be discussing the significant impact of Thomas Edison’s inventions, the range of appliances we have and how they get their electrical power. We will also be identifying what makes a complete circuit and potential errors. Year 4 will be investigating the properties of different materials to conclude whether they’re an insulator or a conductor.


Our first Kagan topic in Year 4 will be ‘Invaders and Settlers’, we will kick the topic off by finding out who the Romans  were and how they invaded and settled in many countries across Europe. Specifically, we will be studying the infamous Roman leader, Julius Caesar, and his failure to conquer Britain. We will discover what it was like to be a Roman soldier and the unique structures the Roman army used. Year 4 will also be exploring what the Romans have done for us and how we still use many of their inventions today.

Religious Educations

‘Why do some people describe their lives as a journey?’

This is the question we will be focusing on this half term. We will begin by exploring the metaphor itself and what it means for our selves and our journeys. We then take a closer look at the specific milestones and events in our lives, including, Baptisms, Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, Sacred Thread Ceremony and many more.


This half term we will begin our project ‘We Built This City’. Within this topic we be studying virtual simulations and how they can be a really useful tool to train many professions from pilots to surgeons. We look at how the software creates them and begin to develop or own virtually simulated worlds. Through this topic we will develop and strengthen our problem solving skills.


Dance is our focus this half term, within this topic we will be exploring how we can portray and express the personalities of a range of different characters. We will use a range of movements to do this including various levels, speeds and ways of travelling.

In Year 4 we are very fortunate to have swimming lessons at Denton Swimming Baths. Please make sure that you come prepared with your full kit.

4D’s lessons are every Wednesday and 4M’s lessons are every Friday.


Our theme for this half term is ‘New Beginnings’, where we will discuss our thoughts and feelings during new experiences. This is also our first opportunity to begin considering our targets and how we will invest in ourselves this half term.


In Year 4 homework is given out each Friday and is to be returned every Wednesday. This half term the children will have a spelling activity each week and either a reading task or mathematics task based on our learning in class. The children can also choose from the Invaders and Settlers menu! Homework can be presented in any way the children wish, so if they have published something using an iPad, tablet or computer please email it to us!

F.A.O Mrs Macdonald or Miss Dobie  to admin@corrie.tameside.sch.uk

Invaders and Settlers Take Away Homework Sheet

The children are also asked to read at least twice a week to someone at home. We ask the children to record this in their Reading Log.

Don’t forget that your homework and reading are monitored as part of your Assertive Mentoring profile

On time by Wednesday – GREEN

Late by Friday – YELLOW

No homework or reading completed – RED