Willie’s Dairy Entry by Daisy

Dear Dairy,

Today has been a day with lots of mixed feelings. I got evacuated. I had a few tears welling up in my eyes. That was only because I didn’t want to say goodbye to London. I hated my mother. She only liked me when I was good. She was so cruel. I have been evacuated to a town called Little Weirwold. I was evacuated on this metal thingy which the person next to me told me it was a train. Then when I arrived at the home where I would be staying the lady rang the doorbell. Then this tall gruff man was staring right down at me. I was a bit frightened really then the lady spoke to the man I think she said this is Willie he’s going to stay with you for a while or something like that.When I came in he took my coat and hung it on the coat stand thingy I don’t know its name.He is not the nicest person I’ve ever met but he’s ok. It’s a bit of a relief that I moved in with Mr Thomas Oakley. I thought I wouldn’t have someone to live with. I thought I wouldn’t have anybody and then end up in a children’s Home so I am very lucky really.


Mr Tom is a very kind man, nicer than my mother, I think she was very mean and did it her way all the time which isn’t fair. In Mr Tom’s house I got my own room which is nice, he had a dog called Sammy. I think he likes me. Mr Tom hasn’t hurt me once, which is good. His house is quite small but that doesn’t bother me. Anyway, I am just in bed. It isn’t that comfy but I’m ok with that as long as I have a bed I don’t mind. I bet some children don’t even have a bed to sleep on which is unfortunate. Now I am safe and sound in my new home but the question is will this be my home forever…



Willie’s Diary Entry

Dear Diary,  

                                                                                                                      November 16 1939                                                 


I woke up at 6:07 in the morning. I was in a terrible shock this morning,

I never shivered that bad before. Twenty minutes after I got up WW2 had started.  I accidentally wet myself cause of the sirens, I went pale and threw up on the brown wooden floor . So Mr Tom grabbed me and ran up stairs to the toilet then I  threw  up even more. Then when I calmed down, we both went sprinting down the stairs,  and put black paper on the windows, so no one will bomb our house.

Later there were planes flying over us and it was the Germans, they were loaded with bombs. A couple of hours later we were listening to next door screaming crying then a massive bang came from next door and it wasn’t just one bang it was 3 bangs and 3 is plenty 

 BANG! BANG! BANG! It went. You can be very very lucky to be alive and this is definitely the worst day of my life. Even known that my Mum did hit me I still hope she is ok. My Dad passed away last year. Now there is WW 2 so my Mum could die now and I do not want that I would be gutted.  



Diary entry of Willie the evacuee


Dear Diary,

I can’t believe that I have left London, mother said it would be best if I went somewhere safe. It’s  not that boring to be honest. Mister Tom, the man who is looking after me, is huge and towers over me. He is  kinda nice, he showed me my room. Mother said only dead people sleep in beds but I managed a whole night in a bed. Yesterday, we went shopping. It was quite fun. I got a comic book and a strawberry lollipop, it was nice. In the evening he read me a book before I went to sleep. Mister Tom has a dog (Who is called Sammy, he is really cute). Mother told me to be a good boy for mister Tom, I think I am being quite good for Tom, well I think. I also went to a library, it was so peaceful. All the books are so different and educational. It’s always peaceful at Mister Toms’ house, he reads to me in bed. But when we go out, we have to carry gas masks which is annoying. But war was declared so we have to wear the gas masks or else. I have to help Tom its actually not that bad to be honest.

Well life here isn’t bad, for now. 

Kadie-Leigh 6MP

Welcome to Autumn Term Year 6!

Welcome Back Year 6!

Welcome to a busy but exciting first term in year 6. It’s really good to see you all back and ready to learn! We’ve missed you! Here’s what we are going to be learning about in the Autumn Term.


In English, we will be looking at Anthony Browne’s King Kong. We will be working hard on our writing every day and covering a variety of genres including journalistic writing, persuasive writing, character descriptions and writing for a purpose and an audience. We will be continuing to improve our SPAG skills throughout all aspects of our written work.


In Maths, we will now be working in class We will continue to develop and extend our skills in the 4 rules of number, our understanding of place value, decimals, percentages, and fractions and measurement. We will be using a mastery approach to focus on the using and applying aspects of maths through reasoning and explanation.


In Science, we will be looking at Animals Including Humans and how we can stay healthy and how eating well and exercising has a positive impact on our bodies. We will be learning about the different systems in our body and their function.


Our Geography topic this term is all about North America. We will be learning about the physical and human elements of this continent and investigate aspects such as climate and population. We will be doing lots of work in school but will also be expecting lots of brilliant homework.


In Jigsaw, our theme is Being Me In My World. We will be discussing our goals for this year, talking about and understanding our fears and worries about the future and knowing how to express them. We will be talking about democracy and the school community.


Please remember to encourage your child to carry on practising their times tables up to 12×12 as it is essential that they have rapid recall of all tables facts, including the inverse. Encourage them to go on TTRockstars every week to have fun and practise at the same time.


Homework will be set on a Friday and it must be brought back into school by the following Wednesday. The children will also be bringing home their reading books every day and it is vitally important that they read every day. We are really working on the children’s comprehension skills so it would be great if you could ask them questions about their books every time you read with them.

We keep track of the homework and reading on charts in the classroom that are linked to the assertive mentoring scheme that we use in school. In order to achieve a green mark their homework MUST be completed and handed in on WEDNESDAY.

We will be doing P.E. on Monday, so the children need their kits in school on this day.

Just a reminder that school P.E. kit comprises of a white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps and if P.E. is taking place outside and the weather is cold, the children are allowed to wear dark jogging bottoms and trainers. All jewellery must be removed for P.E.

We are looking forward to sharing all these exciting learning opportunities with you.  Don’t forget to keep in contact using Blogs!

Below you will find the statutory spelling list for Y5 and Y6 which need to be learned.

spellingframe.co.uk is a wonderful website that will help you learn them.



If you would like to keep in touch, please contact us by phoning school or on the Y6 email address: year6@corrie.tameside.sch.uk

Thank you for your support!

Miss Turner, Mrs. Marsden, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs. Farrington & Mrs Davies