Your Best

                                         YOUR BEST

If you always try your best

then you’ll never have to wonder

about what you could have done

if you’d summoned all your thunder


And if your best

was not as good

as you hoped it would be

you still could say

” I gave today

all I had in me ”



Willies diary entry by Harry 6T

The train journey was long and tiring. I sat there weeping, wondering where I’m going to end up. I’ve just arrived at a place which looks so different from the dangerous, busy, loud and hazardous city I lived in. I’ve come here to be safe from the cruelty of the war, in which I stood waiting anxiously to be placed in a new home. I felt so vulnerable and alone before I was introduced to Mr Oakley. A towering beast who looked grumpy and whose voice was like thunder. The cottage was dull with not a lot of light. I sat there reluctant and apprehensive, I was struggling to take it all in, until I saw him pick up the poker. I was terrified he may be giving me a beating, just like my ma did to me all the time, but all he was doing was stoking the fire. Mr Tom showed me where I will be sleeping, but suddenly I spotted a bed and I remember my mother saying beds are for dead people. It is all very strange. I rubbed my eyes cautiously knowing I would have this room to myself, I was feeling so sick and panicky.


I was perched on the end of the wooden stool anxiously watching Mr Tom and his movements. He placed a plate down in front of me with food on, I had never seen this kind of food before. This food was different to the food my ma fed me back at home. It smelt delicious and it looked mouth-wateringly nice but then the worst happened and it got stuck in my throat. I felt myself begin to panic, I felt embarrassed and I was scared what Mr Tom was going to do. I heard my ma’s voice in my head, repeatedly telling me “you must be good”. There was a moment of silence, followed by Mr Tom making a joke and that made me realise Mr Tom is kind and caring. As time ticked on, I began to feel more relieved, relaxed and safe about my placing with Mr Tom. Maybe now this may start to feel like my new home?

By Harry 6T

William Beech diary entry

Dear Diary

My name is William, William Beech. I have been taken from London to the country because of the Blitz.  The country is very different to London -there aren’t many roads or big tall buildings.  I’ve been set with this very nice man. His name is Mr Tom. He is that nice he let me have a room to myself! Anyways, I like it here. I also live near a church. I saw a cow for the first time… anyway I think I’m going to like it here. I have a nice house and a nice man to live with.


Written by Connor. M

William Beech Diary Entry By Hollie 6T


Thursday 13th September 1939


Dear Diary,


Last Thursday was the worst day ever. I found out that war has been declared and that  I had  to be evacuated. I was really scared, I thought to myself  it could a really mean person or it could be a really nice person, well today you will find out…


When Tom (the man) was standing at the cottage door I was absolutely terrified. He looked as if he would batter me even if I was being good. I was also a bit embarrassed because I was the last evacuee off the train and also the last one to be chosen. But I followed him into the  old cottage anyway.


When Mr Tom was stoking the fire with the poker I was petrified, why did he even have it anyway I thought. I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t  stop thinking about if he was going to hurt me if I was bad and the poker, was he going to slap me with it or not. I started panicking, I had too much in my mind…I fainted.

But in the end I found out actually he is a really nice person, and I am grateful to be with him and relieved I am not with my awful mother.


William Beech xx


Diary entry 1

Dear Diary,                                                                      13th september 1939


Today has been the worst day of my life. Neville Chamberlain has just declared world war 2 across the world moreover my mother has just told me i will have to be evacuated to the countryside. I’m so sad  I will be leaving my mother. At least it’s for the best, London has become so toxic and dangerous for me to stay there. My mother sent me on this train thingi was so scared at first but when I got or I was terrified. 


I was standing at my new carer’s massive door. Petrified, I nearly peed my pants(whilst waiting  for him or her to answer the door.) Suddenly, I saw the door open. I started to panic until I saw the old, kind man standing there. He offered me to come in. I slowly started to walk into the fantastic, amazing house. I was so petrified my hair was sticking up.


He showed me to this majestic bedroom. I was confused at first until Mr Tom who was my carer  told me this was my new room. I was so happy, and excited. Suddenly, I started to remember  that my mother is probably going through hell but still I’m so excited about Mr Tom he seems so kind and helpful.


Me and Mr Tom went down stairs and sat next to the fire. I loved the boiling hot fire it’s so warm and it made me feel so calm until Mr Tom pulled out a razor sharp stick thing. I was  so worried that he would hit me with it. I started to have dashavoo that my mother was hitting me. Suddenly I got so terrified and fainted. When I woke  up i realised he didn’t hit me with it . i was surprised. 


I started to trust Mr Tom and loved him he cared for me lots he is just like a father figure to me.I still worry about my mother though who wouldn’t.  Lily-Ann 6T

Welcome to Autumn Term Year 6!

Welcome Back Year 6!

Welcome to a busy but exciting first term in year 6. It’s really good to see you all back and ready to learn! We’ve missed you! Here’s what we are going to be learning about in the Autumn Term.


In English, we will be looking at Anthony Browne’s King Kong. We will be working hard on our writing every day and covering a variety of genres including journalistic writing, persuasive writing, character descriptions and writing for a purpose and an audience. We will be continuing to improve our SPAG skills throughout all aspects of our written work.


In Maths, we will now be working in class We will continue to develop and extend our skills in the 4 rules of number, our understanding of place value, decimals, percentages, and fractions and measurement. We will be using a mastery approach to focus on the using and applying aspects of maths through reasoning and explanation.


In Science, we will be looking at Animals Including Humans and how we can stay healthy and how eating well and exercising has a positive impact on our bodies. We will be learning about the different systems in our body and their function.


Our Geography topic this term is all about North America. We will be learning about the physical and human elements of this continent and investigate aspects such as climate and population. We will be doing lots of work in school but will also be expecting lots of brilliant homework.


In Jigsaw, our theme is Being Me In My World. We will be discussing our goals for this year, talking about and understanding our fears and worries about the future and knowing how to express them. We will be talking about democracy and the school community.


Please remember to encourage your child to carry on practising their times tables up to 12×12 as it is essential that they have rapid recall of all tables facts, including the inverse. Encourage them to go on TTRockstars every week to have fun and practise at the same time.


Homework will be set on a Friday and it must be brought back into school by the following Wednesday. The children will also be bringing home their reading books every day and it is vitally important that they read every day. We are really working on the children’s comprehension skills so it would be great if you could ask them questions about their books every time you read with them.

We keep track of the homework and reading on charts in the classroom that are linked to the assertive mentoring scheme that we use in school. In order to achieve a green mark their homework MUST be completed and handed in on WEDNESDAY.

We will be doing P.E. on Monday, so the children need their kits in school on this day.

Just a reminder that school P.E. kit comprises of a white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps and if P.E. is taking place outside and the weather is cold, the children are allowed to wear dark jogging bottoms and trainers. All jewellery must be removed for P.E.

We are looking forward to sharing all these exciting learning opportunities with you.  Don’t forget to keep in contact using Blogs!

Below you will find the statutory spelling list for Y5 and Y6 which need to be learned. is a wonderful website that will help you learn them.

Thank you for your support!

Miss Turner, Mrs. Marsden, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs. Farrington & Mrs Davies