Growing our outdoor classroom!

Children in school have enjoyed taking part in Forest School and are gaining an increasing understanding of the importance of trees. They help with our mental health, provide habitats for animals and absorb CO2 which is a cause of climate change.

The children have been helping to plant more trees around school, to continue to improve our grounds and to grow our outdoor classroom for the future.


Green Tree Schools Award

We are proud that Corrie Primary School has been awarded a Green Tree Schools Award. The Woodland Trust scheme encourages outdoor learning and inspires pupils about trees, woods and wildlife.

Through the award, the children take part in fun, practical projects while helping the environment and improving our grounds.

Big Battery Hunt

This term, we are taking part in Duracell’s Big Battery Hunt, which  is all about helping to make the planet a better place for us all to live in. We’re collecting used batteries and are calling on you to support us by sending your used batteries into school!

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

Mr Macdonald and Mrs Parrett were extremely proud of all the children that helped to grow plants and create features of the schools entry to the RHS  Flower Show Tatton Park. Having survived slugs, snails, winds and cooler
temperatures at the start of Summer, the  plants looked amazing and all of the other
elements really make the garden look special. The children had a fantastic time, talking to the people about our garden and having a look around at the beautiful flowers and plants on display.

Tree sculptures

Year 5 have been taking part in an eco/art project called ‘Keen to be Green’. They have worked with artist, Sam Owen Hall, and used recycled materials to create tree sculptures. The focus of the project was to take rubbish and transform it into something beautiful that looks like it belongs to nature. We think the outcomes look beautiful!