Green Tree Schools Award

We are proud that Corrie Primary School has been awarded a Green Tree Schools Award. The Woodland Trust scheme encourages outdoor learning and inspires pupils about trees, woods and wildlife.

Through the award, the children take part in fun, practical projects while helping the environment and improving our grounds.

Big Battery Hunt

This term, we are taking part in Duracell’s Big Battery Hunt, which  is all about helping to make the planet a better place for us all to live in. We’re collecting used batteries and are calling on you to support us by sending your used batteries into school!

Tree sculptures

Year 5 have been taking part in an eco/art project called ‘Keen to be Green’. They have worked with artist, Sam Owen Hall, and used recycled materials to create tree sculptures. The focus of the project was to take rubbish and transform it into something beautiful that looks like it belongs to nature. We think the outcomes look beautiful!

The Big Battery Hunt!

The Big Battery Hunt is returning to Corrie. We’re really focusing on helping the environment at Corrie Primary and want to help in any way we can. We have joined the national schools partnership initiative to collect used batteries and send them off for recycling. There is also the opportunity to win lots of great prizes.

Each school that books a collection for their batteries will be automatically entered into the Big Battery Hunt prize draw. By helping us to recycle as many batteries as possible our school could win:

  • A 2-night class trip to the sustainability centre
  • A 3-year subscription to MyMaths worth £1,000
  • £2000 worth of school equipment vouchers
  • iPads
  • Certificates and trophies

Lyla’s Litter Poem

Stop littering!
I am a little litter bin,

If I am empty then I am sad,

Only when you fill me up, do I get really glad.

So when you have some rubbish,

Don’t throw it on the floor.

Feed it to me quickly,

Then go and get me some more!

Tree Planting!


Tree planting last half term was a huge success! Every class in the school came out in force with their teachers to plant more trees around our school. The trees are making great progress and are battling hard against the very cold weather we’ve been having. Next the Eco team plan to grow some wild flowers in our school grounds too.