Teaching for Mastery – work with a specialist

Here is the application form and would like to invite you for an early start to the September programme. As the attached form details, the specialist programme can support the school with the use of Teacher Work Groups.

Each Work Group will be led by one of the Maths Hub’s Mastery Specialists and involve six or seven primary schools. During the year, they will work closely together to introduce and develop approaches to teaching for mastery. The Work Group activity will include:

Each school identifying two teachers to lead developments within their school
The two teachers working together with the Mastery Specialist and teachers from the other Work Group schools in half-termly Teacher Research Group (TRG) style meetings and through an online community
Each school receiving a termly support visit from the Mastery Specialist to observe teaching, support in-school TRGs, and work with the lead teachers and head teacher in developing an action plan for the school
The head teacher working with the Mastery Specialist and other Maths Hub’s leadership to develop whole school policies and structures to support teaching for mastery
The lead teachers, supported by the head teacher, working with colleagues to develop teaching for mastery approaches in the classroom, supported by professional development activity including Teacher Research Group methods
Following the first year the schools are expected to then continue being part of the Work Group. This Work Group will no longer be led by the Mastery Specialist, but will be supported by the Maths Hub to continue to work as a collaborative group that supports schools in their development of teaching for mastery.
Typically, this runs from September to July for the next academic year, however, we would like to offer you an extra term of specialist support as part of a pilot TRG of 2- 3 schools, this will then become a larger group of 6 – 7 schools in September and continue working with the same specialist.

During the Summer term, your school would receive the following extra support:

1) An initial twilight meeting with the specialist and other schools

2) 2 additional TRG’s at the Specialist’s school where they will teach a mastery lesson for lesson study

3) Time to reflect on what they have noticed and gained from the TRG

4) Actions to take back to school

5) Gap tasks for the 2 identified teachers

As you will see from the attached application form, this programme receives £1000 funding to cover teacher’s time and £2000 text book funding.

Primary TfM Work Group Schools Information and Application 2019-20

If you would like to be involved please complete the attached form and reply to jennifer.ruddock@corrie.tameside.sch.uk

Denise Heaton is leading on the programme but you will have a mastery specialist either Victoria or Natasha who will be in further contact.

Additional training that is available to you for FREE!

Becoming 1st Class @ Number for children in in KS1 who are working at Below ARE. This will be run by Julia Morgans.

Dates: 18th March all day and 14th May all day including ready made resources and lesson plans to take away

Lesson Design Project – 3 days training looking at designing effective maths lessons to ensure children develop deep, conceptual understanding using the 5 big ideas of mastery lessons. It will be run by Denise Heaton and Sarah Hunt.

Dates: Monday 29th April; Monday 10th June; Monday 1st July all day and will include lunch and refreshments

Please complete a expression of interest form and email back to me if you are interested in any of the above.

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Hello, I have been appointed as a place based Assistant Maths Hub Lead. I will have responsibility for all primary Maths Hub work in Tameside. I will act as the main point of contact for the area, collating and sending out information and signposting schools to Hub work.

I am the Deputy Headteacher at Corrie Primary and Nursery School and therefore locally based and a local link in your area. There will be links on this webpage and a booking form to complete please keep an eye on the website for more information going on soon.

Projects that are happening in Tameside that your school can access for free:

Mastery Readiness

Intervention Programme

I will clarify dates ASAP for now please send in an expression of interest form to my email as the leads need to know we have the schools and then they will set dates. Venue is TBC also once we have numbers but again will be in Tameside if we get enough schools.


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