The Arrival By Alfie 6T

It all started an extensive time ago in a dark, dull city on a dark, dull street in a dark, dull broken down house. There were a poor young family. Times were tough. The challenges the poor family had to face were tough as well; they fought against limited food, limited clothes and most of all, limited money. The sad girl came down for her breakfast and looked at the rusty, dusty suit case jam-packed to the brim with pictures and clothes. Later on, the family that was falling apart got ready to sadly trudge over to the newly built train station. The father let go from his wife and daughter and rode on his way to a town called Strenga. The man slowly stepped off the train, thinking dearly about his beloved family…

The arrival by Mia D 6T

Searching for a story with those little fairy princesses and a joyful family perfectly provided for with the usual happy ever after ending,then maybe the book that you are holding up in your hands just isn’t for you. A more wise decision would be to go to the library and choose one of those fairy tales that include the mythical beasts-not one so mundane. This story tells the struggle of everyday life and the challenges that people wake up to face.One thing is for certain,this book will make you sit up and listen, a book worth your time…

North America by Mia Doyle 6T

             My homework!

My favourite North American person !

My favourite North American person is Ariana Grande because I love her singing ; I think that all the time she spends on writing songs for us to listen to is amazing .

Did you know ?

Did you know that North America is made up out of 24 different country’s and a lot of them are really well known like Hollywood,L.A and many more !

Facts about a well known place in North America!

The really well known place I have chosen is New York City ! I chose this place because it has a lot of background. In NYC a few years ago there was a terrible attack named 9 11. Two aero planes flew into the twin towers!

Facts !

  • The population of North America is 19,570,261 !
  • It is mainly a warm place but it can rain .
  • North America covers a total of 24.71 million square kilometres!
  • North America is the third largest continent in the world!
  • The core of the continent is 1-1.5 billion years old !
  • This continent contains a lot of talented people such as artists and sport people.
  • People mainly speak English in north an



Henry VIII: Henry VIII had 6 wives his 1st wife was Catherine of Aragon who gave him Mary I or ( Bloody Mary)
His second wife was Anne Boleyn who was Catherine’s  maid and gave him Elizabeth I
His 3rd wife was  Jane Seymour who gave him  Edward I and died shortly after birth
 Henry’s 4th wife was Anne of Cleves.  The king said he couldn’t love her as she had bad breath and was engaged before. Anne agreed to a divorce.
His 5th wife was Kathryn Howard who he fell in love with. She was also the cousin of Anne Boleyn.
Henry’s last wife was Catherine Parr who was proved to to be a kind wife and looked after him in his sickness and was a good step mother to three children.

– Freya (5P)

Tudor Day

We had two tudors coming in for our Tudor day mistress Alice and Jack they taught us all about Tudor illnesses such as : the plague and the sweats.
We also learnt about Tudor court cases and how Tom Appletree shot a gun at queen Elizabeth 1st and how her guard died from the gunshot. In the afternoon, we did a play and made a Tudor rose we also learnt how to balance a peacock feather them it was the end of a splendid day and we all got to dress up for the day.

– James C

The Lumipod Beetle’s Diet

Did you know that the Lumipod Beetle is located in Pandora and is an ambush predator that roams the lands of Pandora? The Lumipod Beetle, which has mountaintop wings situated on it’s thorax, hounds from the sky and ambushes it’s prey from above. Located on the abdomen, is vigorous stinger manages toxic, lethal venom which tranquilizes it’s prey. This remarkable creature feats upon silk worms, other beetles, leeches and grubs. This deadly predator uses it’s external proboscis as a long feeding tube to devour the blood of it’s prey. Although the Lumipod beetle appears small, it’s venom can subdue any swarm of Hexapods on Pandora. This disguised critter ‘s habitat (which is the vast rainforests) is an ideal hunting ground. Occasionally, the beetle has been known to attack and kill Humanoids but only when provoked.

– Mable