New School Year

Welcome to Year 4

We hope that you have had a fantastic Summer break.



Swimming lessons will start in the middle of September and will then be every Monday for 4AF and Friday for 4M . Please make sure the children have appropriate swimming kits and towels in a bag.

PE lessons will be every Wednesday afternoon for 4M and Friday afternoons for 4AF. Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school every Wednesday and Friday.

Homework will be sent home every Friday and is expected to be returned to school by the following Wednesday.

Reading books should be signed at home at least twice a week and should be in school every day, but will also be checked on Wednesdays along with the homework.


Please find below what we will be learning about:

Autumn 1


In maths we will be starting our new scheme ‘Power Maths.’ We will be looking at place value (4 digit numbers) and addition and subtraction.



In English our featured texts will be Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett and The Lion and the Unicorn. We will be looking at Non-chronological reports and Narrative writing in particular.


Topic: Water of the World.

Through our topic we will find out about water of the world in a number of different contexts. We will look at famous rivers, seas, oceans, lakes in the World and their geographical features and locations. We will also be looking at the formation of rivers and their geographical features in general. We will be also looking at water in the local area and the River Tame and the part that it plays in our local history and the importance of it to the community as well as looking at how the river was formed and it’s features.


Science: Electricity

In our science lessons we will be studying electricity, including making basic circuits.


PHSE: JIGSAW: COVID Recovery Program and Being Me in my World

We will start the year by completing the Jigsaw ‘COVID recovery program.’ We will look at how routines have changed in school and how to keep ourselves safe. We will also look at worries that we may have and what we can do to help. After that we will look at ‘Being Me in my World.’ During this ‘puzzle’ the children will be looking at their thoughts and feelings during new experiences. They will be looking at what makes them proud and how this made them feel. They will create their own personal and class targets linked to our Investors in Pupils and assess their progress in achieving them. They will look at and discuss the Jigsaw Charter including the ‘right to pass’ and then help to create their own rules for the classroom.


RE: Why do some people describe life as being like a journey?

In RE the children will be looking at what different views are to life and the journey they travel on through their lives.


PE: Dance and Swimming

In PE the children will take part in a swimming lesson every Monday afternoon (4AF) or Friday morning (4M) at Denton baths. The sessions are tailored for all needs, catering for non-swimmers who have never been to a lesson, right up to capable swimmers who attend lessons outside of school. We will also be doing dance lessons in school every Wednesday (4M) or Friday (4AF) afternoon.


Music: Charanga

During our music lessons the children will be working through units of the online Charanga resource.



In ICT we will be learning about E safety including how to keep safe online, Blogging such as how to leave and comment on blogs on our school webpage and we will also be looking at virtual worlds.


MFL: French

Our first theme will be All About Ourselves! Which will include introducing ourselves, saying how old we are, where we live and what we like to do..



Every half term the children will receive ‘Take Away Homework’ a menu of homework activities linked to our Topic. If you would like to email us your child’s homework please email to admin@corrie.tameside.sch FAO Mr. MacDonald or Mrs Faulkner / Mrs Akhtar

The children will also be sent a piece of maths or literacy work.

Home Reading: Reading a school book is part of your homework. Reading books are changed or checked every Wednesday but will be changed on other days if a book has been completed. Your child’s reading diary must be signed before a new book is given and all activities completed (if applicable)

REMEMBER: all homework needs to be completed each week and handed in by each Wednesday to achieve GREEN for Homework in your Assertive Mentoring. If you hand it in on Thursday you will achieve YELLOW and after that you will achieve RED for that week.

You all have an ACTIVE LEARN and Times Tables Rockstars  login for other Maths activities, games and multiplication facts practise to enjoy at home online. Please ask an adult to see your teacher for a replacement card if you lose or forget your login. Web links:

You will need to learn the Year 3 spelling lists.

Practicing Spellings At Home

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words



Other important information:

  • Please ensure your name is clearly written in all your school uniform. We have a permanent marker if you need to write your child’s name in their jumper etc.
  • Please ensure your correct and full PE kit is in school all week as PE days can change in school (it will be sent home every half term to wash)
  • Bring your reading book and reading diary to school every day. Sometimes a reading volunteer will choose you for extra reading.
  • Please bring a school water bottle every day. Take it home each day and ask your grown up to clean and refill for you.
  • All the equipment you need is supplied for you in school. Please do not bring in your own pencils, rubbers etc from home.

Welcome to Autumn Term Year 6!

Welcome Back Year 6!

Welcome to a busy but exciting first term in year 6. It’s really good to see you all back and ready to learn! We’ve missed you! Here’s what we are going to be learning about in the Autumn Term.


In English, we will be looking at Anthony Browne’s King Kong. We will be working hard on our writing every day and covering a variety of genres including journalistic writing, persuasive writing, character descriptions and writing for a purpose and an audience. We will be continuing to improve our SPAG skills throughout all aspects of our written work.


In Maths, we will now be working in class We will continue to develop and extend our skills in the 4 rules of number, our understanding of place value, decimals, percentages, and fractions and measurement. We will be using a mastery approach to focus on the using and applying aspects of maths through reasoning and explanation.


In Science, we will be looking at Animals Including Humans and how we can stay healthy and how eating well and exercising has a positive impact on our bodies. We will be learning about the different systems in our body and their function.


Our Geography topic this term is all about North America. We will be learning about the physical and human elements of this continent and investigate aspects such as climate and population. We will be doing lots of work in school but will also be expecting lots of brilliant homework.


In Jigsaw, our theme is Being Me In My World. We will be discussing our goals for this year, talking about and understanding our fears and worries about the future and knowing how to express them. We will be talking about democracy and the school community.


Please remember to encourage your child to carry on practising their times tables up to 12×12 as it is essential that they have rapid recall of all tables facts, including the inverse. Encourage them to go on TTRockstars every week to have fun and practise at the same time.


Homework will be set on a Friday and it must be brought back into school by the following Wednesday. The children will also be bringing home their reading books every day and it is vitally important that they read every day. We are really working on the children’s comprehension skills so it would be great if you could ask them questions about their books every time you read with them.

We keep track of the homework and reading on charts in the classroom that are linked to the assertive mentoring scheme that we use in school. In order to achieve a green mark their homework MUST be completed and handed in on WEDNESDAY.

We will be doing P.E. on Monday, so the children need their kits in school on this day.

Just a reminder that school P.E. kit comprises of a white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps and if P.E. is taking place outside and the weather is cold, the children are allowed to wear dark jogging bottoms and trainers. All jewellery must be removed for P.E.

We are looking forward to sharing all these exciting learning opportunities with you.  Don’t forget to keep in contact using Blogs!

Below you will find the statutory spelling list for Y5 and Y6 which need to be learned. is a wonderful website that will help you learn them.

Thank you for your support!

Miss Turner, Mrs. Marsden, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs. Farrington & Mrs Davies

Little Freak by Matthew 6T

Pitter pater

Pitter patter

Rain was echoing throughout the old caravan a reminder of my depressing life

Happy birthday

He says

Stands, make a wish

He says


This face

This life

Is this all I will ever be?

A freak

 No one understands me

To every on I’m just…

A freak

If I had the chances I could do so much better

But I am stuck

 With this job

Like the animals

We travel with.


I blow out the candle

Gone –  like my life.


Is this all I will ever be?

A freak?

But for now the show must go on.

little freak By Marko

           Pitter patter

As the rain bashed against the floor and it had been

A stormy night

He was carving a piece of wood that looked like a


His dad slowly comes in and says

Happy birthday he says

Make a wish he says

I have a lot of wishes to say

To look good

To not look like a freak

And get treated like a dog

But I am trapped in this life

Like an elephant we travel with.

I had sat down and closed my eyes

And blow the hot candles out

But as well I am more than a freak

But for now….. the show must go on.

The Poem of the Little Freak by Leon.



Rain hammers the poor window pains,

Our old caravan being beaten by the wind,

A miserable reminder of my life.

Wind thrashed backwards and forwards like my head.

Happy birthday he says.

Make a wish he says.

If he could go deeper.

This job,

This life,

This this face.

A wasted talent,


I want to be free,

I am more.

But my ways of life are trapped.

I’m like a lion trapped in a cage.

Is this my life?

I inhale,

Blew the candle out,

The flame gone – like my heart.

Is this it?


I am more,

Than a freak?

I have a life,

One day I will live.

I will be free.

One day.

But for now…The show must go on.

Little Freak Poem By Jessica 6L

Pitter- patter

Pitter- patter

Rain hammered down against the walls of my old rickety caravan,

A sad reminder of the life I’m living ,

The life I’m desperately trying to escape ,


Happy Birthday he says ,

Make a wish he says ,

His voice was a cup half full

That echoed through my head ,

Again ,

And Again


This face ,

This job ,

I have a talent

That no one will ever see ,

As I’m trapped  like a lion ,

I want to be free ,


I hid my despair as I blew out the candle,

The flame vanished like my chance of escaping this life ,

Will I ever be free ?


I will show them one day ,

When I make my own way in life,

And they will finally see,

That I’m more than a freak,

But for now … the show must go on .

F-Freak Poem by Jacqueline



The rain dropped down from,

The perched window side,

As the boy sat on a rickety old wooden chair.


Happy Birthday ,he says

Make a wish ,he says

But only if he knew how hard it is

This face.

This job.

This odd talent wasted.

I’m craving my freedom!

I demand to live my life!

I wish to be a human!

I value much more.

But I’m here trapped,

I’m here, here in this abyss hole,

Like the animals hurt and broken.

I snap back,

And blow out the candles.

The flame vanished.

Is this it?

Is this how I’m going to continue to live?

Is this how I’m going to be –  forever lonely?

I hope one day,

They will realize that,

I’m more than just a-a,


One day I’ll carve a path for myself as beautiful as the wooden figures I create.

But for now… the show must go on.

Little Freak By Layla



Torrents of rain banged against the windows of the caravan,

A heart-breaking,painful life I am living,

Wind dances and twirls in side of my head,

Happy birthday he says,

Make a wish he says,

If only he knew…

My face.

My job.

To show my talent.

A new sweater, perhaps…

To be one of them,

Am I so much more?

I can show them,

But can I really?

I am trapped in in this darkened life,

Like the tigers we travel with-

Caged and broken…

I inhale once more,

I blew out the candle,

The flame was extinguished like my life…

Is that it?

Will I ever change?

I’m worth so much more,

I’m not a freak!

One day i will carve my own path out,

like I do with my beautiful carvings,

But for now the show must go on…

Little Freak Poem By George



The rain stains the window as

The depression stains my life.

The wind whistled like the creaking

Of my door.


Hello son, he said

Happy birthday,he said

Make a wish,he said

If only he knew what more

I could be.


My feeling,

My face,

My job,

It was a wast of my time

And my talent.

I want to be free.

I want not to be called a freak.

I’m worth more,

I need more


I’m trapped like the elephants we travel with.


I inhale,

I blow,

Letting the candles go out like my,

Hope and pride


I’m more than a freak !!

Final work packs

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of term! I am so proud of the children and how they have coped during these strange times. I have thoroughly enjoyed being their class teacher (even if part of it was from afar) and wish them all the best on their next journey into year 4.

A new learning pack with approx 2 weeks worth of work will be ready from the KS2 reception from 8:30am on Monday 13th July. This will take children up to the end of the academic year. Reading books will also continue to be changed, but current books need to be returned in the pack with their name labelled on which will also be outside KS2 reception.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can help you with using


Take care, Miss Wood