Investors in Pupils

At Corrie Primary we worked hard to achieve the ‘Investors in Pupils’ award in July 2014. In July 2017. we were successful in being awarded our Investors In Pupils status for the second time.

Corrie PS – Pupil LetterJULY2017

Corrie PS Reassessment ReportJULY2017

We have always worked hard to ensure our pupils feel respected, safe and listened to, and it is one of our aims at Corrie to ensure that our children grow into confident adults who value and recognise their role within a community. We felt that the ‘Investor’s Award’ would recognise this, but would also give us extra challenges that would allow our work to be more focussed, and therefore benefit the children.

There are five main standards we had to address to achieve the award;

  • Learning
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Classroom and School Management
  • Induction


Aims of Investors

  • To promote pupil participation
  • To empower pupils
  • To create a team ethos
  • To improve children’s confidence and self-esteem
  • To raise achievement and motivation to learn
  • To raise attendance and punctuality
  • To promote positive learning behaviours, and a sense of social responsibility.


Class Charters, targets and personal targets.

All classes have displayed their own ‘class charter’, which the children agreed on and have signed, and they also display class targets, and children’s own personal targets, which they have decided on. Each class have decided their own way of displaying the targets and have negotiated how targets will be met and rewarded.


Induction Booklets/Presentations

The children have been working, with help from their teachers, to produce a class booklet or presentation to welcome and inform new children or adults about their class. Some classes have chosen to make a powerpoint presentation.


Learning about how the school runs.

The children have been finding out about the roles of different adults in the school. Each class was involved in interviewing different adults around the school and this was presented in assembly. They really enjoyed finding out about what the adults did, they were quite surprised with some of the results too! They were shocked by the amount of training that some roles required, but also equally amazed that we had so many adults in schools who worked as volunteers!

Each class have also looked at how they as individuals contribute to the running of the school; they identified that there were so many monitors in different classes ranging from register monitors, to reading partners and ICT support for class teachers.

We also recognise the important roles carried out by the older children; such as manning the office during lunch time, offering play leader support to the younger children, selling water bottles, managing the music and ICT for assemblies! It is no wonder it was put as a suggestion in our suggestion box that they get paid for their work!!!

The children have also found out about the role of our Governors, and our Chair of Governors came to be interviewed by the children during an assembly.

Our school Business Manager has given us great insight as to how the money is spent in school.


Attendance and Punctuality

The children have really enjoyed the weekly financial reward of having the best class attendance and punctuality. Each class can decide how to spend their reward money!


To find out more

If as a parent/carer/Governor you would like to become more involved in helping us to achieve this award, please see Miss Turner.