Lynne Smith

How long have you been a governor at Corrie?
19 years

What is your link with the school?
I’m a local resident and my son previously attended the school.

What committees do you work on?
I am currently the Chair of Governor, previously to this I was the Vice Chair.
I work on three committees, the Finance and Personnel committee, the Pay committee and the Head Teacher performance review committee.
Since January 2014 I have been working on the Interim Strategy Group (ISG). This group focusses on the post Ofsted action plan.

What is your occupation?
I work as a Health Development Manager. I have 40 year’s experience of working in the NHS. Last year I have moved to the private sector doing a similar role.

Why did you decide to become a governor?
I became a governor to support the school and also ensure that it provides the best opportunity for every child to learn in a safe and caring environment.