P.E. and Sports Premium

In March 2013, the Government announced a new package of funding for P.E. and school sport. Through the ‘Sport Premium’, they are continuing the provision.

The allocation for our school is £18,860 for this academic year, (2021/2022).

The money will be spent in such a way as to encourage children who are reluctant when it comes to PE as well as enriching the learning opportunities and developing the skills of those children who enjoy and excel in P.E.

The provision of the Sports Premium funding is there to give schools the financial support to put schemes in place which will have a lasting and sustainable impact on the PE provision in school and the health and fitness of all the children beyond the time when the funding is no longer available.

With this in mind, all of the funding which we receive goes towards providing the children with opportunities to develop a love and a passion for health, sport and fitness which will change their mind-set to want to take part in activities both within and without the school environment. All of the sports premium funding we receive goes towards providing additional opportunities for the children that would otherwise not be available through traditional funding streams.

We use this funding to improve the skills of teachers in the teaching of PE, particularly through working with specialist coaches from the Kickstart organisation, with whom we are in partnership, to upskill our teachers in the provision of all aspects of P.E., thus giving sustainability for the future. See the link for more information about Kickstart from their website by clicking this link: https://wearekickstart.com/contact-kickstart/. We are really excited about this new partnership and it is going to provide the school with lots of help, support and consistency of excellent PE provision for the children moving forwards.

We are also using the money to top up resources in school to enable teachers to provide an outstanding skills – based approach to P.E. teaching.

We have used approximately 5% of the money to go into partnership with the Tameside School Sports Partnership. This will provide us with specific teacher training across all areas of P.E., membership to the Youth Sports Trust, Leadership training for pupils, Change4Life Health initiatives, online fitness tools, Literacy and Numeracy sport and P.E. projects, access to further funding support, Delivery of inter school competitions and a range of other services.

Further spending is used to provide lunchtime activities for all children in KS1 and 2, again provided by the Kickstart programme, and for the provision of equipment to provide all children, both those with an interest in PE and those who are more reluctant to join in, with the opportunity to be active and to take part in a variety of sports activities.

We also spend a large chunk of the funding on the running of our- in my opinion- unrivalled Sports and Health Week, where we provide the children with a huge amount of sports and health related experiences and opportunities, along with providing pathways into the continuation of these sports and experiences outside of school through our links with coaches and clubs. After having to cancel this event the previous year due to Covid, we were able to re-introduce this last year by adjusting the way we organise the week. We paid for additional sports coaches to be in school for the week and spent some of the funding to provide the school with the resources for the coaches to provide the children with the opportunity to experience a range of new sports such as tri-golf, tchoukball, pop-lacrosse and new age curling. As we have now purchased these resources, they are now available for the children to be able to use and experience as part of our curriculum PE lessons as well. We used some of the  money available to us this year as well to continue to provide a wellbeing mentoring support worker who is linked to the Kickstart initiative, who will provide ongoing mental health and well-being sessions for identified children throughout this year, to support children with the re-integration into school after the challenges provided by disruption to schooling throughout the Covid pandemic.

Further funding is made available to provide all the children in school who require additional support to achieve their National Curriculum swimming awards. We currently provide all children with blocks of swimming lessons during Year 4. For any children who are not water confident and cannot swim competently, using a range of strokes and perform self rescue in different water based activities, we provide additional catch up sessions, paid for from the sports premium funding during year 5 or 6..

For the Year 6 cohort who left the school in July 2021, 88% of the cohort met the National Curriculum requirement to:

  • Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.
  • Use a range of strokes effectively.
  • Perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were not able to offer the remaining children any catch up swimming sessions which we would normally do at the end of their time in Year 6.

For a more detailed breakdown of the spending, please see the attached impact statements at the bottom of this document.

To keep up to date with new initiatives and exciting times to come in school sport and P.E. at Corrie, make sure you keep checking the P.E. section of our web-site.

PE Lead Release Time

Resourcing and Equipment

Staff CPD

Tameside School Sports Partnership


Health Initiatives

We have also invested time and money into looking at initiatives which can have a wider implication to the health and well-being of our children in a variety of ways.

  • We have appointed two Health Ambassadors who work alongside the Sports Ambassadors to look at how we can further develop health initiatives in school on an on-going basis.
  • We have incorporated health focussed sessions into our National School Sports Week. The children all take part in a healthy eating and cooking session with the school cook where they make smoothies and healthy pasta dishes.
  • The Year 4, 5 and 6 children also took part in defibrillator training and basic CPR techniques as we have now purchased a defibrillator for school.


Healthy Eating / Healthy Lunchbox Assembly

Mr. Griffin and the Sports and Health Ambassadors have led a healthy eating and healthy lunchbox assembly to try to show everybody what the best choices are for healthy and balanced lunches.

We are also going to implement a new rewards scheme designed to encourage healthy eating. This will be run alongside a rewards scheme called ‘Smile for a Mile’ to encourage the children in each class to be more active by running or walking a mile each day / week.


Impact of PE Premium Spending

The money that we have spent in school since the funding began has had a huge impact already on the provision of school sport for our children. I have included below detailed breakdowns of the impact of the spending as well as an evidence sheet to show how there was an increased impact from the first year of the funding to the second year.

Evidence of increased impact of PE premium 2013-14 to 2014-15

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2013-14

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2014-15

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2015-16

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2016-17

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2017-18

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2018-19

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2019 20

Impact of PE Premium Spending 2020-21