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Maths song list from Nursery:


Maths Song list from Reception:


Maths Book list we will focus on in Nursery:

  • Ten in a bed
  • One to ten and back again
  • Mouse Count
  • Titch
  • The shopping basket
  • Ten little pirates
  • Bear in a square
  • The doorbell rang
  • Ten black dots
  • Ten little superheroes


Maths Book list we will focus on in Reception:

  • Ten tiny tadpoles
  • Ten play hide and seek
  • Jaspers Beanstalk
  • The hungry caterpillar
  • The great pet sale
  • Marvin wanted more
  • The time it took Tom
  • One is a snail, ten is a crab
  • Rosie’s walk
  • Mr Archimedes bath
  • Ten little Monsters


If you wish to purchase activities and books from the above please see a member of staff from EYFS.