Career and Aspiration Week

As part of Career and Aspiration Week the children have had the opportunity to interview a range of visitors about their jobs, including: A balloon artist, a magician, the police, a nurse, a soldier and a boxing champion. They also enjoyed going inside a planetarium and looking at the work of an astronomer!

‘My favourite visitor was the magician. He worked hard to be funny and he made me laugh lots.’ Frankie M

‘I liked Steven from Wild Workshops. He went to Africa to work with animals and now he works looking after creatures that you find in the garden. I want to work with animals when I’m older.’ Libby H

‘Alex from Bollington Balloons was my favourite visitor. He started off just experimenting with balloons. It took him a long time to do and some of them weren’t very good. But now because he has worked hard and didn’t give up he can make amazing balloon designs!’ Connor M

Thank you to those parents that gave up their time to speak to the children and helped to make the week a success.

Welcome to Year 3!

We hope that you have had a fantastic summer break. Please find below what we will be learning about:

Autumn 1


In maths we will be looking at a range of ‘strands’ such as: Number and place value (including ordering 2 and 3 digit numbers) mental addition and subtraction (including adding and subtracting 1 digit numbers to and from 2 digit numbers) and measurement (including telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes on an analogue and digital clock.)



We will be learning about the Stone Age this term. In English our featured text will be ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura. We will also be reading Stig of the Dump by Clive Davies, Oi! Caveboy by Alan MacDonald and How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson. We will interrogate each text and write our own Stone Age adventure story and instructions.


Topic: The Stone Age

Through our topic we will find out for example when the Stone Age was by looking at timelines, stone age people, their homes and survival (History focus) and where Stone Age people came from (Geography focus.) We will also be looking at Stone Age Art and Craft and create our own cave paintings (Art focus) and analyse Stone Age weapons and jewellery including spears, axes and bear tooth necklaces (DT focus.)


Science: Moving and Feeding

In Science the children will learn that animals including humans need the right types and amounts of nutrition to thrive and grow and that eating the wrong types and amounts can lead to health problems. They will investigate some of the health problems associated with not eating well. They will learn that we cannot make our own food and that we need to eat a varied diet and list the types of food that we need and why we need them and construct a balanced food plate. They will find out that different animals have different dietary requirements and some foods humans eat may be poisonous to animals.  The children will also discuss the role of the muscles and skeleton and describe what would happen if we didnʼt have them.


PHSE: JIGSAW Being Me In My World

During this ‘puzzle’ the children will be looking at our thoughts and feelings during new experiences. They will be looking at what makes them proud and how this made them feel. They will create their own personal and class targets linked to our Investors in Pupils and assess their progress in achieving them. They will look at and discuss the Jigsaw Charter including the ‘right to pass’ and then help to create their own rules for the classroom.


RE: What do different people believe about God?

In RE the children will be looking at what different people believe about God through for example stories, buildings and art.


PE: Games and Gymnastics

In PE the children will practice their throwing and receiving skills in games and stretching and curling in gymnastics. They will have Sports Development working with them in their lessons every other week.


Music: BRASS

During our music lessons the children will have the opportunity to learn how to play a brass instrument with Tameside music service.



In ICT we will be learning about E safety including how to keep safe online, Blogging such as how to leave and comment on blogs on our school webpage and Navigatingwhich will include finding the school website and logging into school apps.


MFL: French

Our first theme will be Nice to Meet You! Which will include greetings and introductions.



Every half term the children will receive ‘Take Away Homework’ a menu of homework activities linked to our Topic. If you would like to email us your child’s homework please email to admin@corrie.tameside.schFAO Miss Wood / Mrs Faulkner or Mrs Akhtar.

The children will also be sent a piece of maths or literacy work.

Home Reading: Reading a school book is part of your homework. Reading books are changed or checked every Wednesday but will be changed on other days if a book has been completed. Your child’s reading diary must be signed before a new book is given and all activities completed (if applicable)

REMEMBER: all homework needs to be completed each week and handed in by each Wednesday to achieve GREEN for Homework in your Assertive Mentoring. If you hand it in on Thursday you will achieve YELLOW andafter that you will achieve RED for that week.


Want more?

You all have an ACTIVE LEARN and Times Tables Rockstar login for other Maths activities, games and multiplication facts practise to enjoy at home online. Please ask an adult to see your teacher for a replacement card if you lose or forget your login. Web links:

You will need to regularly revise the year 2 spelling list and learn the Year 3 spelling lists.

Practicing Spellings At Home

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words

Year 3 Spelling Rules and Examples


Other important information:

  • Please ensure your name is clearly written in all your school uniform. We have a permanent marker if you need to write your child’s name in their jumper etc.
  • Please ensure your correct and full PE kit is in school all week as PE days can change in school (it will be sent home every half term to wash)
  • Bring your reading book and reading diary to school every day. Sometimes a reading volunteer will choose you for extra reading.
  • Please bring a school water bottle every day. Take it home each day and ask your grown up to clean and refill for you.
  • All the equipment you need is supplied for you in school. Please do not bring in your own pencils, rubbers etc from home.
  • PE is on Thursdays and Fridays.

Summer 2019

Welcome back! Have a look through below to find out a little about what we will be exploring this summer half term:


We will be starting the half term off by exploring some animal footprints on our playground. I wonder who they are?

We will be studying the text ‘The Journey Home’ by Frann Preston-Gannon. It explores issues of conservation and starts to explore whether we can escape the issues that endangered animals face on a day-to-day basis. Children create fact files on endangered animals as well as writing short persuasive pieces on why we need to save a particular endangered animal. Children will be able to identify how a sentence is formed by its grammatical structure as a question, a command, a statement or an exclamation. Children will be encouraged to edit work, being aware of tense and word choice. Word classes (nouns/verbs/adjectives) will be referred to throughout.

Practising Spellings At Home

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Word Mat

Year 1 Spelling Rules

Year 2 Spelling Rules



This half term we will be gap teaching in preparation for our SATs at the end of May. We will be sharpening our fluency skills and covering the following:

  • Multiplication of 2, 5 and 10 x tables
  • Fractions of amounts
  • Place value
  • Mental addition and subtraction
  • Money – calculating totals and change
  • Recognising the properties of 2D and 3D shapes


We will also be doing Times Table Rockstars frequently to strengthen our times table knowledge. Therefore, please make the most of your child’s Times Table Rockstars account to develop their knowledge of the times tables and see their rock status grow!

The children also have accounts for Active Learn where they can revise and apply their knowledge through tasks that cover the entire Year 2 curriculum. All activities can be accessed when using a laptop or desktop. However, some are limited when using a tablet or an iPad.

Similarly, the children also have access to espresso which can be used in a similar way to Active Learn but they are able to explore interactive resources covering the entire Year 2 curriculum as oppose to just Maths.



Our next unit will be ‘Habitats.’ The children will be comparing and contrasting world animal habitats, noting their conditions and looking at the types of animals that live there. The children will also be looking for mini beasts in the school grounds and using their mathematical skills to show their findings.



We will be exploring our seas and animals in ‘Seaside Rescue.’ The children will be finding the world’s continents and oceans on a map. They will be naming, locating and identifying the characteristics of the seas surrounding the UK. They will also be identifying seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK and the location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator and North and South Poles.


Religious Educations

How Should we care for others and the world and why does it matter?’


This is the question we will be focusing on this half term. We will be discovering and discussing what religions, such as Christianity and Judaism believe about caring for people using stories from their sacred texts.



This half term we will begin our project ‘Code-Tastic!’ In this project, children will be understanding how delivering a set of instructions can achieve a goal. They will be introduced to algorithms as a precise set of instructions by programming a robot to turn left and right. They will also be devising a simple algorithm and investigating the importance of order and sequencing of algorithm.



Games will be our focus this half term. Within this topic we will be exploring a range of games including using balls, racquets and nets.

Please make sure that your child’s P.E. Kit consists of a pair of black pumps, plain black shorts or plain black jogging bottoms and a plain white t-shirt or one with the school logo. We suggest that your child brings their P.E. Kit into school when we begin the term and only take it home at the end of the term so that it can be washed and refreshed ready for the next half term. That way your child will always have their kit in school and they are prepared for every lesson.

Our P.E. lesson is every Monday.



Our theme for this half term is ‘Relationships.’ We will be looking at special relationships that we have, how to embrace them and how to resolve disputes.



In Year 2 homework is given out each Friday and is to be returned every Wednesday. This half term the children will have a spelling activity each week and either a reading task or mathematics task based on our learning in class. The children can also choose from the “Seaside Rescue!” homework menu! Homework can be presented in any way the children wish, so if they have published something using an iPad, tablet or computer please email it to us!

F.A.O Mrs Faulkner, Mrs Macdonald or Miss Richards to

The children are also asked to read at least twice a week to someone at home. We ask the children to record this in their Reading Log. Reading books are changed daily – whenever your child is ready for a new book. Therefore, remind your child to hand it in so that it can be organised for them.

Don’t forget that your homework and reading are monitored as part of your Assertive Mentoring profile

On time by Wednesday – GREEN

Late by Friday – YELLOW

No homework or reading completed – RED

Seaside Rescue Homework Menu

Career and Aspiration Week

This year as part of Career and Aspiration week the children had the opportunity to interview a range of visitors about their jobs including a meteorologist, a midwife and fire service. They also enjoyed watching a magic show by Wacky Woody a children’s magician and learned about working with animals by taking part in activities with Steven ‘the bug man’ from Wild Workshops.

Thank you to those parents that gave up their time to speak to the children and helped to make the week a success.



Career and Aspiration Week 2017

Corrie Primary School had a Career and Aspiration week, week beginning 6th February 2017. The week is linked to Social Emotional Aspects of Learning ‘Going For Goals’ topic and is aimed to help raise the children’s aspirations and future economic well-being.

The children had the chance to speak to a variety of visitors about their job including a soldier, a veterinary nurse, a forensic scientist, an architect, a musician and a TV director. The children even had the opportunity to go inside a planetarium and look at the role of an astronomer! The children thoroughly enjoyed the week and feedback in a whole school assembly. ‘My favourite visitor was a TV director. She travelled the world and it looked fun because she filmed TV shows and worked with lots of different people.’ Hannah Hampton-Smith.